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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 19, 2010

Board Meeting

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Greetings from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The rains have arrived in force this mornings, as I just returned from Dowses Beach, seen above on a clearer day, with powerful waves bringing seaweed and kelp up to the sandy texture of this most blessed beach…  Every time I look at Dowses Beach now, in light of the tragedy that occurred down in the Gulf region recently, I am ever thankful.  My deepest sympathy goes out to the citizens of this country who will endure man kind at his worst.  I say worst, for the explosion and “accident” itself was bad enough, but the subsequent politics as usual is a little tough to take.  First, congress is leaning away from raising the liability and hence, cost of cleaning up their mess– from 75 million to a more responsible number, 10 billion.  Second, oil wells that are still deemed by most experts and environmentalists to be unsafe and untested in such deep water as the Deep Horizon well once stood, are still operational– posing like a time bomb that could go off at any minute.  Third, the fact that financial experts have determined that all of this domestic oil drilling for the three percent of the world’s oil supply (while we use 25 percent of it) will only reduce the price of oil by three cents by the year 2030!  THREE CENTS!  Is this risk worth the price of admission?  Who is making these decisions? To the big oil executives, that is not even a consideration.  These are not men, these are rats.  Fourth, the actual admission from bp stating that this disaster was indeed, their fault, is missing in action–hidden beneath the corporate mission statements, fine print and implicit greed that has taken over the world via the global corporate agenda.  The huge plume of oil that is 10 miles long (and growing) and over three miles wide, deep within the body of the Gulf itself has rung the alarm bell for many scientists who have determined this spill could spell monumental environmental implications for centuries to come…  We don’t like to think about “centuries to come”, for it is tough enough to live on this insane planet as it is right now.  How can a soul full person, complete with a conscience, sit back and let this happen to a planet that is so beautiful, so natural and so much a part of every fiber of every human being alive today?  But, forge ahead we must, and so we look into the future and discover that even fifty years from today, we will, if something of biblical scale does not turn the tide in the ways of the sane, witness such drastic climate change that it is not clear if the human race can survive, at least the way we are right now…as the seas will have overtaken New York City, Tokyo and much of Florida.  The Polar Ice Caps, along with every living Glacier will be gone.  Much of what we know now in the animal kingdom will have passed into infinity forever, and we will be left with a world filled with problems all of our own making…and for what?  So that we can keep the insane way of life intact for the very few who have all of the money and to hell with the rest?  (that IS our current “system” in the United States of America).  God created the poorest of the poor, just as he created the richest of the rich.  Who do you think HE will BE WITH in the end?  “God does not play dice with the UNIVERSE…”, Einstein stated many moons ago, and he was right. The line between science and the real world of spirit, creative intelligence or GOD, is beginning to blur.  There have been many breakthroughs recently in quantum physics, indicating that something big is about to happen.  For if the Mayans were right, the day of December 21, 2012 will be one to remember, for it is on that day, the earth will be at the exact center of the Milky Way Galaxy and it is unclear what that may mean to us tiny human beings on a tiny planet in a tiny Galaxy far, far away from any sense of direction at this moment in “time”…  Have a nice day folks!  Peace~ M

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