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October 14, 2010

Blue Sky

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you very early on this Thursday morning, 4:37 AM, with mild temperatures expected on Cape as we wait for the leaves to really begin changing in earnest… Change is the only constant in Life, as we all know but often deny, but to the formerly trapped miners in Copiapo, Chile, all “33″ of them, change represents a good thing.  The whole world watched yesterday, with over 1700 journalists descending upon the isolated desert town where the ill fated mine stood, as rescuers from “plan B” took center stage and credit for creating an Apollo 11 like capsule that brought the men, one by one, 2040 feet straight up to the surface of planet earth, away from the darkness of the “cave” they were trapped in for over 68 days and nights, although to them, every moment must have seemed like the darkest night eternal.  I witnessed the eighth, eleventh, twenty seventh, eighth and ninth as they slowly made there way out of the pod and into the arms of their loved ones, three of whom could be on hand to witness history, bringing the whole world to a collective cry of relief, gratitude and love… I believe that anyone watching this epic event unfold, assuming they have a heart, cried a little bit, while they comprehended the magnitude of such a miracle–from the original loss of hope for 17 days, when the tragedy first struck, as no one knew if the miners were alive or not, to the ghostly image of one of the miners that proved someone was alive down there, to the now famous note that one of the miners scribbled on a napkin of some sort telling the outside world that they were all alive and well, to the mad scramble of man power and know how from around the globe, setting up sophisticated equipment and technology beyond the average bear, drilling for a little less than a month to finally reach the men below, then sending down supplies as the plan (s) A, B and C continued to drill until fated “plan B” reached the men in what they described as a “thousand helicopters flying overhead”, for the sound of the drill coming through the roof of the cave was deafening.  No where else on earth has a human being been trapped underground for that long a period of time and survived, let alone “33″ of them.  When was the last time the whole of the world banded together for a cause that did not involve bullets or bombs, money or fame, controversy or constipation?  Never, well at least it seems like never as we all got to take a short break from the distraction of politics in this country, the United States of America, and as we witnessed the beauty that IS mankind when he is at his best, perhaps some of us took a pause and gained some insight into what is really important in this LIFE and what is not.  When I think of the tea party candidates now, I must smile and forgive them, for they truly do not know what they do–the puppeteers, their handlers, the multi-national heads of corporate entities that employ these miners all over the world do, however, at least to some degree, and wish to abolish regulations, in this country, that keep this from happening in the first place, along with regulations on banks so they don’t rob the whole of the world’s pocket book, regulation on food, so we all don’t die of salmonella poisoning, regulations on the insurance industry, so they don’t deny coverage to our children and adult citizens to promote their bottom line, regulations on the horrible practices of “hydraulic fracturing” of shale rock for the extraction of “natural gas”, pouring 596  chemicals into the earth, affecting water supplies in 37 states now, regulations on campaign fund raising, as former Supreme Court Judge Sandra Day O’Conner said yesterday on the PBS NEWS HOUR, regarding the controversy surrounding Karl Rove and David Gillespie, former Bush advisers, who head up the shadowy “American Crossroads/GPS”, a sophisticated money laundering operation, along with the US Chamber of Commerce, who now take foreign monies to fuel their vicious attack ads, “I am very concerned, highly concerned about this practice…”, and finally to the abolition of regulations on the emissions of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere (and soon to be Methane as the earth warms and the deadly gas begins to release from the frozen tundras of the north and the ocean itself), which IS, regardless of the idiots who deny it by sticking their head, literally, in the sand, very real, for we are now at the tipping point, the point of no return, with a window of perhaps ten years or so before we see the ocean levels begin to rise significantly with almost all of the world’s glaciers gone, along with the ice of Greenland, the polar ice caps and much of Antarctica melted away, pushing those world wide ocean water levels up by 20 to 30 feet.  Of course the “party of hell no” (a bunch of five years olds), as they were formerly known as, now the “RTP”, the “republican tea party”, that sports a ‘really big tent’ of followers and, ironically, their captors, the big corporations that will be happy to employ them all at 40 cents a day, as they abolish the minimum wage so that you (the proud member of ‘freedom works’) will be unable to afford the paint for all of your crazy signs, that, admittedly, are, as Bill Murray said in the classic film STRIPES, circa 1978, “so fun and full of imagination.”  Who also went on to say in that film, “you, lee harvey (Carl Paladino) you’re a madman, when you took that cow out and tried to make it with the cow, I gotta party with you cowboy, you and me together, forget (foget) about it…”  It is like a bad b rated film about a junior high school in some parallel universe, with all of the players being real as$holes, kids like Bachmann, Palin, Beck, O’Reilly, Cantor, O’Donnell, “Angle”, “joe miller time”, Buck, Art, “I’m a fine scientist”, Robinson, and that jackass running against Senator Feingold, a very fine man from the great state of Wisconsin.  Yes, if I didn’t have a heart I would say the best plan would be to replace the now freed miners with these folks and see how they like living in darkness and despair, for that is where the “American People” are right NOW, in a state of panic, living in a cave of despair and most certainly in the dark, as the corrupt banks foreclose on their houses via “robo signings” of documents, deceiving and destroying more American families, and as the plutocrats push the American worker into third world status, by abolishing the ‘dignity’ of 7.25 cents an hour, knocking it down to 40 cents a day, you will hear a loud and caring voice from deep below the surface of the earth crying out, “we are sorry, we were wrong, we did not mean to sell the United States of America, akin to Judas selling Jesus out for a few pieces of gold.”  By then, however, it will be too late, the damage done.  However, we do still have a choice in this country, one person, one vote, and until they pull out their SS uniforms for real, let us take a moment to pause and reflect on the past 30 years and see exactly what the republican party has done to this country of ours–follow the money and you will have your answer.  May GOD have great plans for those brave souls who are now in the arms of their loved ones, may he continue to bless them and theirs now and for all eternity.  Have a nice day folks!    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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