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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

June 14, 2009

Blue Door

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Traveling up to Brewster yesterday, on a beautiful, azure sky kind of day, I spotted an ice cream store called “Brewster Scoop”.  The door that leads in to the ice cream shop is, as you can see here, blue.  There are many doors on Cape Cod and the Islands that are painted in brilliant colors, from blue to green, red to white, and so on.  The contrast of the colored doors against the uniform color gray of the clap board that covers the most buildings, homes and businesses themselves is quite striking.  It is as if the doors of Cape Cod beckon one to enter, and once you have, your attention goes directly into the detail of the store itself, be it an antique place of business or a shop that serves up ice cream on a serene summer day–the air filled with the scent of salt and the lingering days of yore, where our some of our ancestors made one of the Cape’s favorite delicacies by hand.  Perhaps, that is one of the reasons Cape Cod is so popular.  It gives us, in a very real sense, a foundation of remembrance, of what America once was and can be again.  “Bring us your huddled masses…” the plaque reads on Ellis Island in New York City.  A nation governed by the people for the people is the general idea that seems to have been lost in translation.  Cape Cod transforms you in so many ways, one of them being getting back to our roots, founded on a document that changed the entire world roughly 233 years ago–a blink of an eye.  “One nation, under God.”  Have a blessed Sunday.  Peace M

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