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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 6, 2010

Blue and White

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Greetings from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket!  Summer has arrived on the Cape, as evidenced by some rather reddish faces of the locals who have endured the long and cold winters of New England…  There are some red faces in Washington D.C. as well, but for other reasons than the strength of the sun in the sky this time of year.  The oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico this morning, with no end in sight.  As a naturalist, it is difficult to control my rage at the criminality of British Petroleum, whose negligence over the past decade alone (tagged with fines in the millions of dollars for dodging regulatory agencies) and the fact that big oil has people like Mary Landrieu, a democratic Senator from the great state of Louisiana, in their pockets.  She explained yesterday in a press conference that, although she “regrets” the spill in the Gulf, her support is still strong for new oil drilling off of our sacred shores–all due to her “relationship” with companies like BP.  This is a democrat we are talking about.  This gets to the rub.  Big oil, like big banks, big insurance, and big corporate America/world have taken over the philosophy of “America” and seemingly its’ soul.  Who can fight against these monsters?  When you have a multi-national company like BP creating a world class disaster, denying any wrong doing as it’s fall guy being “Transocean” (the largest oil drilling company in the world who no one has ever really heard about and will be difficult to pin down) and further, has a 75 million dollar “cap” on any cleanup effort that some estimates could be as high as 14 billion dollars, not to mention the loss of livelihood for the countless fisherman, tourism officials, businesses and communities that depend on the ocean for survival–you have the perfect example of what is “rotten in Denmark”…  When you have all of that–it begins to dawn on you that these “people” are truly sociopaths who do not care about another person’s fate whatsoever. The corporate media, especially outlets like Fox News, will not tell you the real truth about the situation for the same reason we have not completely overhauled our “financial system” in this country–they are “banking” on the ignorance, short attention span and knowledge that most of our citizens will not GET THE KNOWLEDGE, nor have any desire to do anything about it.  This is their power.  Like a bully who beats up the weaker child for his lunch money, so too are the corporations beating up on the general public– raping our land, ripping us off at the bank, and finding loopholes to keep the sick, sick–all while getting rich off of a source of energy that is slowly destroying the one resource we cannot be without–planet earth.  These are sick men who believe their own lies, men who have lost their way, perhaps forever, and are prepared to take down as many people as they can to bring their monstrous plans to fruition.  Don’t believe me?  Take a good look at the shores of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida–not to mention states that are adjacent to the Gulf Stream, as experts warn the slick could enter that river in the ocean and bring that gunk as far north as the outer banks of North Carolina.  Rest assured, however, that there will be a reckoning.  For the greed that has caused so much pain in this beautiful country and indeed, the beautiful world we all share and LOVE, will not stand… Have a wonderful day folks!  Peace~ M

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