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May 17, 2010

Blue and Green

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope you are well, warm and safe wherever you may be finding yourself this Monday morning.  It was an interesting week end, with all the buzz centering on the disaster in the Gulf, and what a disaster it truly is.  “60 Minutes” aired last night and the topic was a man who survived the explosion on the “Deep Horizon” rig and his jaw dropping story about what really happened.  The interview was superb, as Scott Pelley listened to the man, who was basically in charge of the electrical operations on the floating drill, speak to the horror that transpired roughly a month ago.  According to his testimony, he became concerned about the gasket (a critical part of the “blow out preventer”) when it started coming apart and huge chunks of rubber began appearing.  When he reported this to the “powers that be” that start with the letter “b” and end in “p”, they effectively told him that it was perfectly normal.  So too, was the fact that one of the “pods” (that are backups to this critical component of an oil rig) simply did not work.  Couple all of that with a meeting that took place only days before the explosion, where officials from Transocean (the owner of the rig) and officers from bp had a “discussion” about who was “in charge”.  The argument ended with bp winning that argument and thus, the order to speed up the drilling despite the danger ensued, and we all know what happened after that fact.  The night of the explosion, the man was sitting in his office when he heard the engines, the generators, “going crazy” and then he heard a loud BOOM.  The whole of the rig began to shake with massive explosions everywhere and facing certain death on the rig, the man jumped 100 feet from the flaming platform– into the dark abyss, the cold Gulf waters.  When he came up for air, he stated that he thought he was on fire, for as he looked around, the water was filled with oil, diesel fuel and debris and he was sure he would be burned alive as the oil that was currently on fire would consume him as well.  He swam and swam and eventually he did not feel anything, he did not hear anything, nor did he see anything.  He thought he was dead, and at that moment he heard someone shouting, “over here, over here, over here!”  He was pulled out of the water by some fisherman who had taken the first images of the burning rig and lived to tell his story to the world on “60 Minutes”…  As I digested that information last night, I referred back to my notes taken during “Meet the Press” earlier that morning, where my good buddy, Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY) was spinning his lies to the American public, a position he feels quite comfortable with.  I was amazed at his recent rhetoric, as he clearly stated that the Obama administration was partially to blame for the disaster.  According to Mitch’s well rehearsed “talking points”, Obama should have been regulating the industry better and should have taken steps to regulate the MMS (mineral management services).  To back this up and give it some perspective, let us look at this “agency”.  The Bush administration (made up of oil executives) created this monster in the 00’s, and it is well known that IT WAS A JOKE! The regulators were doing cocaine and sleeping with the oil executives, all in the open, all on the tax payers nickel.  This incestuous relationship, not to mention the complete “conflict of interest” which has become a cliche in Washington D.C., between regulator and industry, has cost the fisherman, the wildlife and the American people more than bp can ever repay.  Yes, Mitch, let us listen to your wise words.  For Obama could have broken this most corrupt of all the federal agencies, (with all of his “free” time), yes, broken the MMS into two distinct agencies, had federal oversight on the rig itself and prevented the disaster from the beginning…Mitch, you are a clown of the highest order and you do not deserve to be called a Senator any longer.  I’m sure that if Obama were to have made this his number one priority, his proposal to truly regulate this industry that is beyond corruption would have sailed right through the House and Senate, for Mitch’s party is not one of “NO”, but one of common sense and bipartisan support, for, in Mitch’s words, “the American people demand no less”.  Mitch McConnell’s double speak is the weapon the P.O.N. uses to muddy people’s minds as to who is the real enemy and who is not.  Big oil cares nothing for the common man, and it IS the enemy!!! It is like any other corporation, it is only interested in the bottom line and to hell with the consequences–be them man, beast or the very home we all live in presently–PLANET EARTH!  Why is there such a fear of these monsters?  Why?  Because money buys power, allegiance and slavery to the demands of a centralized way of thinking–mindlessness via the almighty corporation that is faceless, but yet has a face–the face of Mitch McConnell.  A small round face, with beady eyes and a vicious agenda, who would sell your grandmother to the highest bidder if it were on the corporate charter and “mission statement”.  These are men of cowardice, as they hide behind the corporate curtain of deceit and diabolical direction.  They are not really men, but puppets who have no place in the House that Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Hamilton, and Franklin built.  Call them out on what and who they truly are!  Cowards of the highest order!  God speed residents and victims of bp, the republican party and corporations everywhere, GOD SPEED!  Have a nice day everybody!  Peace~ M

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