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January 26, 2015

Blizzard 2015! check…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, soon to be windy, snowy and down right awful island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Monday morning, the twenty-sixth day of January, 2015, a quiet morning here on little old Cape Cod, that ‘calm before the storm’ as it were, for by midnight tonight, the winds will be a howlin’ and the snow will be a flyin’, with over 29 million people being affected by a massive storm passing through the Ohio River valley on it’s way to the Atlantic where Mother Nature will put on quite a show as the bottom of the barometric pressure drops out, exploding the storm as it heads up the Atlantic seaboard; snow totals expected to be anywhere from 18-22 inches in the big metropolitan areas such as New York and Boston, with higher totals in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and portions of Connecticut, where they could see up to three feet of the white stuff before system exits the region sometime late on Wednesday, leaving many with cabin fever, stuck in their houses according to “Morning Joe”, “Good Morning America”, “The Today Show”, who will, assuming they have power, be held hostage to the constant updates revolving around this ongoing weather event. Even Al Jazeera’s “Good morning Vietnam” getting in on the action, although said programming does not contain much in the way of weather related data per say; opting rather to bring you front and center, directly to the front lines of constant war.  Keeping one up to date on the most recent terror threats around the world 24/7/365…

Yes, it’s panic time folks!  Time for the checklist, let’s see, do I have everything I need to get through this perhaps two feet of snow and some high winds and surf, perhaps causing minor coastal flooding in and around the Hyannis/Hyannis Port area?   Flashlights? check. Water? check. Left over chicken? check. Ice Cream? check. Cat food? will pick up today, check. Candles? check. Life preserver? check. Yacht secure in Harbor? check. Hatches down and battened?  check. Wheels up? check. Trim?  Check. Sanity? check? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Not checked, must locate today by paying even more attention to hype on TV machine, realizing that taking proper measures is one thing, but ‘inflating’ it to another level by using words like “monster storm” and “historic” are rather passe don’t you think?  These weather events are going to be the norm so we all better get used to it.  “Did you want to talk about the weather or just chit chat?” (credit the film, “Groundhog Day”, starring Mitt Romney, I mean Bill Murray, circa 1993).

Ah, I remember 1993 like it was yesterday, because it was… Yes, it was the year I separated from my ex wife, moving from Newburyport, Massachusetts to Boston proper–Beacon Hill.  For it was on that very day, March 14, 1993, that “No Name Storm” (billed as ‘the storm of the century), hit the region. The first of many ‘historic’ storms of the century.  We all know that the weather has changed dramatically since then and it is only getting more intense.

Take this storm seriously to be sure, for even 22 years ago it snowed a couple of feet, then rained a couple of inches and then the whole of Beacon Hill and the rest of Boston froze, encasing the entire town in ice an inch thick, paralyzing the city for at least two days.  Fortunately for me, 7’s Pub was right down the street on Charles so the gift of the snow went down as smooth as the many Guinness’s that followed…

Meanwhile, a half a world a way, U.S. President Barack Obama is attending (as we speak), a massive celebration of the world’s largest democracy; India marching it’s way into another “Republic Day”. A day set aside in India to mark the historic signing of it’s Constitution, and like ours is sacred to a people who were also once ruled by the English.  The visit hopefully gaining a foothold in nuclear, trade, global warming and national security (terrorism) issues, as India’s newly elected Prime Minister Modi is presented with a golden opportunity to work with a very eager partner in the United States of America. The President cutting his trip short in India tomorrow, as he wings his way to Saudi Arabia, paying his respects after the funeral this past week end of King Abdullah; meeting with the new King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, and other dignitaries arriving who came from every corner of the globe, attending that state ceremony.  Proving once again what a fine U.S. President we actually have, especially when compared to presidential hopefuls at ‘the Freedom Summit’ held in Iowa this week end, a stage quickly evolving for the 2016 free for all (GOP presidential nomination process) to have the honor of losing to Hillary Clinton come early November of that year.

If the “60 Minutes” piece on GOP ‘leaders’ John Boehner and Mitch McConnell tells you anything about the mind set of this grand old party, it is this:  Republicans are betting the farm on “Citizens United” and the recent gutting by SCOTUS of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, along with the wicked voter suppression going on in twenty plus states; not to mention the lack of an appetite among young people to get involved in what most consider a lost cause (politicians/congress/Washington D.C. in general), betting it all that that apathy and lack of action via voting behaviors will lead to another George W. Bush victory for that now corporately owned “not your grandfather’s GOP”.

If that happens, God forbid, you can bet YOUR bottom dollar that ’storms of the century’–like the one the east coast will be feeling in hours–will only get stronger and stronger (while the earth gets warmer and warmer).  Add to that the FACT the rich will get richer and richer and the American worker will continue to be exploited, along with our land, air and water, as the race to the bottom for this crop of plutocrats in this early part of the 21st Century, “American Style”, will continue in earnest; rivaling and mirroring Russian Premier Vladimir Putin behavior towards both his people and his neighbors, destroying his country’s legacy–a gas station run by a kleptocrat (a plutocrat who got caught with his hands in the cookie jar).  A man who gained all–while most if not all of the people he now rules over lost, big time!  Food for thought via this snowy forecast provided by Sea Cape Cod!   So come on back, we will, assuming we have power, leave the LIGHT on for ya!


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