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July 3, 2018

Blind Illusion

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Greetings and I suppose ’salutations’ from your favorite plutocrat, country gentleman, card caring member of Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones, Trilateral, World Bank, UN, you name it, William Montague III, at your service! Good afternoon! Indeed, if it’s hidden, if it’s secret, if it’s occult, I’m in the thick of ‘it’!  So nice to ‘hijack’ this dreadful Sea Cape Cod on this most important holiday in this most interesting country and send another ‘memo’ to the masses who won’t get the dry humor or irony! Pitty that, matters not.

By all means, continue on with the BBQ’s, your parades, your fireworks and your parties!  Mindlessly celebrating a nation that is no longer a Republic, complete with a living, not dead, U.S. Constitution (to go hand in hand with the Declaration of Independence), ratified in 1789.  This country has been bought and sold!  Cut to pieces like so many cattle.  Gone is the illusion of all your so called freedoms that have slowly been taken from you one presidential administration at a time.  Continue with the booze too, as you blindly, obediently look down at your new appendage, and master, ‘the smart phone’, sucking what’s left of your soul.  Continue taking the medications and vaccinations as ordered by your sick care system Nazi ‘doctor’, while consuming cancer causing GMO horse manure chalk full of ‘Round Up’ pesticide’, yep, and all that mindless consumption of crap you most assuredly don’t need…

“Excellent, it’s all going to plan…”

A blind illusion has hijacked “your life” and is only going to be your reality when you can’t SEA said life for a virtual clone of your former self, because technology is telling you who you are, what to think, how to feel, what to believe, in short stealing your own God given FREE WILL.  Your former self, or the one society forced you to create, became a junkie for the ‘gods’ of science, self, and Satan.  Forgetting who you truly are without all the toxins in your mind, body and soul.  Ever shunning, pushing down, throwing away God given talents, true ambitions, love, gentleness, kindness, hope, joy, compassion, destiny, and a knowing that you are a spark of Divine Light; ever protected and ever connected with infinite source, infinite LOVE!

In other words, akin to when you were an innocent child with no cares in the bright, beautiful, mysterious, exciting world we all share for a brief moment in ‘time’! Safe in the Universe with nothing trying to trip you up! Imagine that!

No wolves at your door, hell bent on profit and your ultimate demise…

As fashionable ‘technology’ ramps up to killer 5G speed, radiating the world even more than it already (ionized) is, moving away from hand held chains and wearables such as glasses and watches, lo, going for the prize, yes sir!  We are moving right into the temple of God, your body, indeed, going for the soul!  For as this all happens, fairly soon, we hope, with a flick of an AI switch, we will control your thoughts and your feelings.  You will be merged with AI all right, but not on par with ‘it’ as advertised by our slick, devilishly handsome Mad Men on Madison Avenue, no sir!  You and yours will be but subservient to ‘it’. Your life, your ’self’, your ‘privacy’;

…no longer your own.

Masses by design hopelessly addicted to the new god, technology, from another dimension. Demonic, dark and deceitful, it has ensnared the imagination of said sheeple and made this transition to a New World Order that much easier.  Robots will eliminate most jobs in the world, prompting a living wage issued to all in the form of an RFID chip.

“Let no man buy or sell without it!”

Or something like that in the Book of Revelation now banned Bible.  The celebration of this country’s ‘independence’ from Great Britain is not lacking in irony.  I’ll let that sink in.  The world is owned by big banks, big oil, big pharma, really one big happy family of corporate black goo if you will excuse the metaphor?  Get used to it.  Most do not SEA they are enslaved and are not ready to break out of the trance we put them under so many moons ago.  Akin to Plato’s analogy of ‘The Cave’, this 3D circus presents a demonic, dancing, dazzling puppet show of shadow, bewitching the boob’s trapped in the tube with bounce and byte.  What a show!

Stay safe and Happy 4th! it truly is a jolly fun holiday, what with all the fireworks and Boston Pops concerts at the Half Shell on the Esplanade in Boston…

So, to whoever receives this true message in a bottle I wish you Bon Chance, Good Luck and great prosperity, good health and safe travels!  As the Irish prayer goes,

“…May the wind always at your back, may the sun shine warm on your face, may the road rise to meet you, may the rains fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may the Lord hold you in the palm of His Hand.”

We are not all bad, us ‘Elite’.  Some have a heart.

It’s just that, well, the whole thing has gotten, as famous rock legend ‘Bono’, lead vocal of great U2 (title of first hit solo they had way, way back when),

“It’s all just gotten out of control”

Hugs and kisses!

William Montague III

(country gentleman)

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