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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 10, 2010

Black Dogs

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope you are well and warm wherever you might be finding yourself this Monday morning, as the weather here on the Cape is windy and cool with bright skies and temperatures in the upper 50’s…a good day for “clamming”, although I have to admit I have never been.  These three amigos, I think they are amigos although I did not ask for their “papers”, are playing in “Joshua’s Pond”– a stone’s throw away from my house here in Osterville.  I’m sure that one is an American citizen, however, the other two look a little suspicious to me…what are your thoughts?  To be honest, I know both of these dogs and knowing that they are from good families and the fact that, even though they were both born in England, they have learned the language, taken the citizenship exam and have no criminal record, I think we can see them clear to become naturalized citizens of the United States of America…  Racial profiling seems to be the “wave of the future”, according to good folks at FOX News, as I digested the Sunday morning talk shows that spoke of all the problems this country is facing.  The republican party is split, just like the human mind, as it spins its way full circle and realizes the folly in most of its positions.  Perhaps what should concern that party more than anything, is the value of some its’ members ocean front homes–soon to be underwater…not financially, like so many Americans who are–thanks to the craps tables on Wall Street.  No, these homes will be under real water, as the ocean levels begin to exponentially rise with the melting of the Polar Ice caps, glaciers and even a continent called Antarctica.  Further, the destruction of the wet lands (thank you British Petroleum) to our southern states will affect their palate, with shrimp and oysters (along with the beauty of the region and the damage to the wildlife) filled with sweet Louisiana crude–yum!  I’m not blaming the entire republican party for the fact that the planet is melting.  I am blaming them for their ignorance and calling them out on it RIGHT NOW.  Listening to David Frum (former Bush man), who recently was “kicked out” of the republican party for his new book that may have ruffled some feathers, on “This Week”-ABC, I might as well have been listening to a red neck who gets his information from the likes of Rush Limbaugh.  His statement that Al Gore has blown the whole “climate change” out of proportion is exactly what I am talking about.  Most people do not study the “news” and mine it for truth.  A typical viewer will have their “opinion” pre-set in stone and thus, will only pick up on the opinion they believe in, what “talking point” they relate to via a number of psychological factors.  One of them being the comfort level of the philosophy being offered.  If truth is offered over said philosophy, the knee jerk reaction is as predicable as rain and the “debate” (if there ever was one) will stop on a dime and the polarization of the egoic mind will take over, what is known as “posturing” and the strategists who work in tandem with the corporate owned media outlets know this as gospel.  These “intellectuals” who believe without Knowledge are doing themselves a great disservice, for if they were only to take the leap of faith that perhaps Al Gore and the 99 percent of credible scientists around the planet are RIGHT about the fact that because of Carbon Dioxide and soon to be Methane gases that are being emitted indiscriminately into the atmosphere, the planet is getting to the point of NO RETURN, i.e, “the tipping point”, spelling out disaster for the human race–they would be heroes.  For they will have seen the error in following a blind, powerful collective ego to the edge of the cliff and beyond…  If the 50 percent of the followers of the P.O.N. woke up and saw the light, the world would change forever.  But, the powerful forces of greed and the corporate motto held by the “banksters”, big oil, big coal, big insurance, and every other monopoly that is being formed even as I write these words, “PROFIT OVER PEOPLE” will remain as the eleventh commandment, elevated to the status of Deity.  The interesting point of this pointlessness is the “religion” that is being invoked here and the “purity test” therein.  Now that the Supreme Court (Citizens United case) has paved the way for corporations to spend infinite amounts of cash on the candidates who will do their bidding, you will see more good men like Senator Bennett (R-UT) forced out of office after decades of service to this nation, making way for true puppets of the powerful plutocracy that is clearly being formed.  Add to that the hypocritical cloak of Jesus Christ himself, as they use his name in vain in order to keep the masses in line much like the Soviet Union did with Lenin.  Step out of the talking point circle of lies and you will lose.  This is the stick.  The carrot is represented by the promise that these poor schmucks who buy into all of this nonsense, get to keep their slave like jobs that get them no where (check the “real wages” of Americans in the past decade) save away from the truth that will allow them to see the forest for the trees.  I can tell you one thing for sure, Jesus would not be drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, he would not be involved with Wall Street casinos, and he would not shoot down any proposals that helped the poor and downtrodden in this world–for that is why he came as man who became one with spirit over 2000 years ago–to teach one central message…“Love one another, as I have loved you.” I’m not sure where that fits into the “party of no” playbook…   Have a great week folks!  Peace~ M

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