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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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August 21, 2010

Black Dog’s Ship

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Good to be with you on this Saturday morning, the twenty first day of August, 2010, with yet another spectacular sunrise arriving here on this little sand bar created by the Last Great Ice Age over 11,500 years ago.  I just never get tired of saying that.  With the President of the United States only a few miles from my home here in Osterville, the whole of the Cape, especially the island of Martha’s Vineyard, is full of people enjoying the last few weeks of summer, this year, and quite a summer it has been.  We have seen the temperatures of politics rise to levels that this country has never seen, at least not in my life time.  So many stories have fallen through the cracks, as we listen to the few “media outlets” left, explain their bought and sold viewpoints, designed to brainwash rather than inform.  When I lived and worked on Martha’s Vineyard, after graduating from UVM in 1987, employed by the good folks at the Edgartown Yacht Club, I had the privilege of serving and getting to know the late, great journalist, known to many as “the most trusted man in America”, Mr. Walter Cronkite.  Walter was not a tall man, nor was he arrogant or snobby.  But, the man was larger than life.  There was a story of him at the Kentucky Derby, where, after the winner entered the “winner’s circle” with his colt, Walter was walking up to the paddock amongst a huge gathering of people, a sea of people, who were all there for the same reason, to catch a glimpse of the two athletes in their full on glory.  As he approached, it was described, by someone who was there, the sea of people parted like the fable of Moses parting the Red Sea.  Always humble and honest, Walter showed me the same kindness that he transferred over the air waves every night for decades on CBS.  I was only 22 at the time and had no idea that I would be writing about the “man” 23 years later–in the hopes that we can somehow get back to that level of journalistic integrity.  At present, we have a media that is corporate owned and resembles the film “Good Morning Vietnam”, where Robin Williams was forced to read news that had been scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected…all for the benefit of not the listener, but for the “powers that be”, whose only goal is to sell product and brainwash it’s viewership, bending their fears and insecurities towards their political goals, namely to bash a great President, Barack Obama, who has done more for the “little people” in this country than any President since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  FDR had it right, as he fought to keep this country safe from the grips of corporate greed that has taken over this country like a pestilent, viral infection.  The problem that faced FDR is the same one Obama faces today, namely that the corporations, now global, are so powerful that to change the system that is ripping this country apart at the seams, one Constitutional Amendment at a time, is going to take a revolution.  When you have a foreign company like bp, who apparently owns the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), as they lied about the oil that is still in the Gulf of Mexico in huge underwater “plumes”, extending 20 miles by 6 miles, 3000 feet down, hidden from sight by the use of the banned “dispersant”, highly toxic substance called Corexit 3500, we have a BIG problem Houston.  Like the Mineral Management Services (MMS), these government agencies were hijacked by assh$les like Dick Cheney when he took the Environmental Protection Agency out of the picture in 2005, effectively allowing the oil and gas industry to rape and pillage our greatest resource, our land, our sea and ultimately our own people, as so many people get sick all over this country with hydraulic fracturing of rock to gain the “natural gas” with 596 chemicals that seep into the drinking water from the mountains of Colorado to the plans for drilling in upstate New York, where it will affect the drinking water for over 18 million people in the greater New York City area.  Nice, huh?  It is called the “Halliburton Loophole” for those insiders who are in the know about what the hell is really going on in this great country of ours.  If this crap was going on when Walter Cronkite was alive, it would have never happened.  That is how powerful he was.  I am proud to say I loved him, and I know I am not alone, and I pray that men like Keith Olberman, a friend of mine, women like Rachel Maddow, someone who I also consider a friend, or even Katie Couric, who single handily exposed Sarah Palin for the moron that SHE IS–effectively shutting down that ridiculous notion of McCain for President, continue to thrive and stay strong, for we need you now more than ever. Thank you.   We need honesty and TRUTH to come forth in a big way, now more than ever, and more people like Michael Moore, whose movie, “Capitalism, A Love Story”, won critical acclaim from many who see this as a call to arms, intellectual arms, and compassionate arms to pull us away from yet another brink that big banking, big insurance, big coal, big oil and gas, and any other global corporate monopoly whose modus operandi has, and always will be, “PROFIT OVER PEOPLE”, are pushing us towards.  Sleep well Walter, we are thinking about you today, and always.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the people of the Bayou, the SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein…may GOD’S grace always be with you. Have a nice Saturday everybody!  Peace~M

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