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December 23, 2010

Black Dog Seal pup

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this cloudy day here in Osterville, Massachusetts, the little hamlet that sits a football throw away from the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, just to the east of us, five miles as the Osprey flies, where some 50 years ago, the first Catholic president of the United States, Mr. Jack Kennedy, along with his beautiful wife Jackie and the rest of his amazing family including Bobby, Teddy, Eunice, Joe and Rose Kennedy, just to name a few, were all enjoying this season right here in the way most of us still do today…putting up Christmas trees, singing in the choir, putting up those pesky Christmas lights, as was once noted in the famous movie, Christmas Vacation, starring our friend Chevy Chase, and looking out at the sea with wonder as we all enjoy a stroll on the now famous Dowses  Beach here in Osterville.  There were many things that that stellar President could have accomplished if his life were not cut short by who knows, but it may not have matched what our current President, Barack Obama has accomplished during these first two years of his presidency, a presidency mired with the words “no, no and no” over and over again.  Not because they were bad ideas or policies, rather, because of the fundamental and profound differences they have in their vision of where they want to take this great country of ours–namely backwards or forwards. Case in point, the historic signing into law the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that was put into place 17 years ago, where it essentially told men and women who serve and protect US ALL, that even though they could take a bullet, they could not tell people who they really were and are, thus, living in a lie not only to themselves, which is hard enough, but to live in a lie where the whole premise of the code of the military is to keep one’s HONOR, by telling the TRUTH no matter what.  An historic moment for the president and my hat is off to him and his family, his beautiful wife Michelle Obama and their daughters who serve as LIGHTs all unto themselves, who I believe will accomplish great things in their lives to come.  I bid you Mr. President, and your family a wonderful Christmas, only two days away, and many, many more to come.  I also wish you a Happy New Year with plenty of fight left in you to tackle this whole “climate change thing” for it is more important than anything else on the world’s agenda, TRUTH be told. But, wait, I’m not finished yet.  In this “lame less duck” session, a headline I wrote only a month and a half ago after the republicans swept the House of Representatives, here is another WIN for not only the President, but more importantly the good men who fought and are dying all due to their efforts to save as many people as they could that very dark, dark day in our nation’s history, the attacks of 911–the bill, that has been held up by “men” whose names do not deserve to be mentioned on this blog, passed yesterday, giving those men and women the 6.1 billion dollars they need to GET WELL and perhaps live another day on this little blue rock I call earth–WOW! YOU could not ask for a better Christmas present than that.  Also, in this “lame less duck” session, the START treaty, the nuclear arms verification treaty with Russia that started back in the Reagan administration, also passed into LAW, making the world a safer place FOR our children and grandchildren.  Not too shabby for a waddling lame duck that was not shot by some yahoo hunter who likes to dress up in Nazi uniforms on the week ends.  Here is a rather long partial list of the other accomplishments this great President has achieved in his two years in office, two years of living hell I might imagine, for he was met at the bargaining table with no one there, save his faith and his convictions of what is RIGHT and what is WRONG…. AND ACTION! 1. Health care reform (to the tune of providing health insurance to over 35 million Americans) 2. Wall Street reform (curbing some of the wild speculation practices of big banks and hedge funds with YOUR 401 (K)’s, etc.,) 3. A hate crimes prevention ACT  4. credit card reform (creating a consumer protection agency with a great woman from Harvard Law) 5. student loan reform (taking out the middle man when students are going for loans to pay for college)  6. Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act  7. the auto bailout of GM and Chrysler, whose names have been equated with the American working middle class since Henry Ford first started creating model T cars all across this nation, and with that innovation, put millions of men and women back to work, creating that manufacturing base that CREATED the middle class  8. The Recovery Act  (that saved millions of jobs that would have been lost to attrition, yet were saved along with the rest of us who would have gone off a cliff were it not for the steady hand of this great president in navigating tough financial and political waters)  9. The food safety act   10. clean energy investment  (the largest on record, as we attempt to catch up with our competitors such as Germany, China, Brazil, India and the like, as they are racing ahead with green technology that WE all will soon be using) 11.confirming two women to the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court-one Hispanic, yet another milestone  12. creating a possible real bi-partisan environment by not losing his cool, as I would have, with a bona fide effort to reason with men, who, for the most part are un-reasonable.  What, as Chris Hayes, of the Nation Magazine, and pinch hitting last night for the most excellent Mr. Keith Olbermann, of “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, airing every week night at 8 and 11 p.m., and 2 a.m., for you night owls, only on MSNBC, was quoted, by a bland republican spokesperson, Senator Sessions from Alabama, a republican of course, and what was said, was, in a word, when asked about the 111th congress and their accomplishments, well, in a word….remarkable...and I quote, ” It was a disaster…”  For whom Senator?  FOR WHOM?  He, the fine Senator from Alabama, went on to grumble in his head, “at least we got the tax breaks for my employers, you know, “the man behind the curtain,” and my friends, the wealthy, (some of whom are mine as well) for as we all know, they deserve a little less “uncertainty” (see talking point #59698) in these trying times (times where the top one percent in this nation gain 25 percent of the national income) and therefore, can now buy that house on Maui without concern for their taxes that will never go up, and for that I am truly thankful.”  E.J. Dionne, of the Washington Post put it best when asked how this all got done in a “lame less duck session”, no pun intended John… His response was that it took the guts of Harry Reid from Searchlight Nevada and Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco, California  to make a real commitment to really use that power of the majority and accomplish real assets for the “American People”, not a shadow statement of said “American People”, proving to the electorate who the good guys really are and SHAMING those, well, who are NOT. HELP for the 911 responders right before Christmas morning is perhaps the greatest Christmas miracle of them all, a true “MIRACLE ON 34th STREET” and to the credit of Mr. John Stewart of the Daily Show, big time, and even to my friends at FOX NEWS, whom I chastise a little harshly sometimes, I thank you for your efforts as well, especially to Shep Smith, of FOX NEWS, for he showed some real courage of his own in facing down this demon and it rang true, a credit to the industry and a credit to your network–Merry Christmas to you too sir and well done!  As E.J. stated, the only problem Obama has had is selling these visions of a better America for all, and indeed the world, to said “American People” and in doing so, will not only EDUCATE the population, making them better, healthier and informed citizens, but will make it a better society for all, so that we can stop the quibbling over junior high school antics of “he said, she said,” that accomplishes nothing and only serves to turn the American population off.  So, Merry Christmas Mr. President, to you and yours this blessed day and have a safe journey to Hawaii, say hi to a dolphin for me would you?   Have a great day everybody!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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