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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 21, 2010

Birds of a feather

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope you are fairing well this Monday morning.  The weather today on this sand bar should be rather hot and humid, with clear skies and calm seas…a good day to be in the water.  The week end news cycle brought no relief to the people on the Gulf, with little in the way of good news for the residents and animals, to say nothing of the poor marsh lands that are being inundated with thick, brownish gunk–highly toxic and devastating to the delicate balance established by creative intelligence.  Sharon Alfonsi, of ABC News, gave us one of the most beautiful stories, however, I have seen in a long time.  Her story revolved around the release of a pair of Brown Pelicans, who were rescued from certain death on one of their nesting grounds off of Louisiana’s coast line.  Seeing these magnificent creatures freed to live LIFE brought me to the point of wanting to cry, to get some release from how I have been feeling watching my wild life die a slow and agonizing death, due to mankind’s ignorance, greed and sloth.  No one was in the room, so I did.  As the level of oil, the real level, being now closer to the 84,000 barrels lost to the sea daily, a number I reported a few weeks ago, the days of Tony, “I rather fancy the sea”, Hayward’s (Tony enjoying some R&R off the Isle of White in the U.K., partaking in a Yacht race aboard his million dollar boat) smug facial gestures, (implying he was lying the whole time with a hint of enjoyment) while he told the world that it was only 5000 barrels (starting from no oil leak, to 1000 barrels, etc.) that were escaping from the man made environmental crime scene of the century–are apparently here to stay.  Tony has not stepped down from the day to day operations of this “cleanup” “effort”, as previously reported, and so his nonsense and patronizing ways will continue and be met with the grim reality of what he and his company did to a big part of my country, your country, your kids country, and your grand kids country–scarring it for generations to come.  A crude awakening indeed.  For even as I feel my blood pressure rise when I think of the religious right backing big oil in the name of Jesus, there is hope.  For not all “Christians” see their faith in the same light as some members of the p.o.h.n.  Some have begun to see the LIGHT of charity to our brothers in need.  Fulfilling that need is reward enough and by the grace that is bestowed in us all, that distant LIGHT seems to grow a little closer every day.  Keep the Faith Gulf residents, and may GOD’S SPEED be with the whole Gulf region, and all of the beautiful sea creatures, Pelicans and marsh lands therein…  Have a great week folks! Peace~ M

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