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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 15, 2015

Bird Bath

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the partly cloudy, seasonal island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this 15th day of May, 2015, coming to you LIVE from the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s), the town all a buzz with “Figawi” sail boat race (Hyannis to Nantucket–all classes sailing roughly 27 nautical miles south/southeast), taking place tomorrow.  Sea Cape Cod will be there to cover it, so with a little help from above, we will ship a few nautical images your way, perhaps inspiring you to come on down and visit this historic birthplace of our young 239 year old democracy with that little letter ‘d’ (or is that just a figment of our collective brainwashed consciousness at this “juncture”?)! We will, as always, leave the LIGHT on for “ya”!

Sustainability & Efficiency are two vital traits early settlers had to come to grips with in the early 1600’s.  A ‘time’ one can visit right now here on Cape, when pilgrims actually landed in Chatham (Coast Guard Beach) from England.  These brave and decent “Puritans” as they were known then, were a devout group that made friends with the indigenous peoples such as the Wampanoag; a group that showed these starving refugees how to use fish to fertilize the soil–porous, sandy soil–thus producing the sustenance needed to get through another harsh New England winter.

There was no need for ‘greed’, for there was enough for everybody, as the Indians taught the white man the way to live off of the land was to become friends with it, lo, be one with it!  For they felt they truly belonged to the land, thus, the need to preserve and protect it.  No matter what.

Yanno is what the Wampanoag called the land known today as Cape Cod.  “Nantucket” is Wampanoag as well; defined as “far away island”.  Even 370 years ago, our early ancestors (some of US), knew that it was wise–PRUDENT–to heed the call of the Wampanoag; a call that ever included a great reverence for the land, sea, and air.  There was no waste, or profit models, nor craven insanity any kind.  In fact, if that sort of behavior arose, it was considered a mental illness and was treated as such.

Today, those true values-conservative values–are long gone.  It is a dog eat dog world that cares nothing for the grace that a higher intelligence bestowed upon thee, thou and we. The ever growing gap between those who can eat and those who starve is becoming too much for even those in the .001 percentile.  I should say that it is a poor man indeed who cannot give a blessing.  Even one to his own home…


Have a nice week end.


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