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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 22, 2014

Big, Dirty Snowmen…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the frigid, blizzard conditions at present, island of Nantucket! Great to be with you at this nine a.m. hour, a snowy Wednesday, the 22nd day of January, 2014.   Looking out my window I can barely make out the lights surrounding the Steamship Authority ships here on the Hyannis Waterfront–the snow falling at two inches per hour, with wind gusts upwards of fifty miles per hour, thirty knots sustained, resulting in blizzard conditions and dangerous wind chills, sending the thermometer well below zero.  A little north of us, on the south shore of Boston, the good folks of say Marshfield and Cohassett will be digging out of at least 18 inches of powder, leaving most in the region with the day off…how ’bout some snowmen?  Well, if you insist.  The class of Governors in 2009 included Chris Christie of New Jersey and Bob McDonald of Virginia.  Both republican and both in hot water, or, like in Frosty’s case, trapped in a greenhouse, with all of the facade melting away before our very eyes.  Unlike Frosty however, neither one of these snowmen are made of Christmas snow, no sir, nor are they going to be rescued by Santa Claus…they are made of a different kind of snow altogether.  In a new age of instant media vigilance and voracity, especially for a juicy political story, it is not a surprise these two scandals (Christie’s being one of possible abuse of power, as he is being investigated for several things, one being the famous George Washington Bridge lane closures and another perhaps even more damaging case, all being reviewed now by a super committee made up of four republicans and eight democrats who are legislators in the either the New Jersey Senate or House; not to mention the U.S. Attorney Fishman, as well as the man who brought justice to that Senator from Chicago, remember him?/McDonald’s being one of accepting lavish gifts while he was in office and not reporting them, a federal offense that could land he and his wife in jail for twenty years no less) were born from the behavior of both men and moreover the arrogance therein, not to mention of course possessing the ability to snow many, many people.  And so, on a day just like today, same storm, Janus I believe Al Roker and the Weather Channel coined her, slammed dunked the inauguration of Chris Christie, casting an ominous, darkened cloud over the proceedings, enough so that it cancelled the party slated for Ellis Island, surprisingly, partly in New Jersey airspace.  The speech given was, as one reporter claimed, “…like the speech he gave when he won reelection only nine weeks ago, leaving the controversy(s) behind him as if that is where they are in reality, as the subpoenas begin to fly, upwards of twenty now.  Couple that with the story Steve Kornacki broke (”UP, with Steve Kornacki”, every weekend, eight a.m. sharp, only on said MSNBC) on this past Saturday morning with the mayor of Hoboken coming forward on his show stating that the Lieutenant Governor took her aside at an opening of a new ‘Shoprite’ back in May of 2013 and said, and I paraphrase only slightly here, “…Can I speak to yous a moment in private?  Yeah, see, ‘da governor would be happy to give you ‘dat 100 million, you know the fed money from Obama for the Sandy relief, but you gotta do that ‘ting we was talking about, you know, ‘dat ‘ting.”  Zimmerman, the mayor of Hoboken responded, “…you mean you want me to rubber-stamp David Sampson’s law firms’ representing Rockefeller Inc.’s mammoth mulit-billion dollar redevelopment project in the north end of my town, you mean ‘dat ‘ting”.  “No, I mean ‘da udder ‘ting, yeah I mean ‘dat ‘ting, exactly, you, you, I’m gonna be seeing a whole lotta you, your good you, you, youuuu!!”… (credit the classic film, circa 1999, “Analyze This”, starring Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal, directed by Harold Ramis). To wit the poor mayor, who has nothing to gain here (imagine being her!) was put between a rock and a hard place, until she was visited by the U.S Attorney on that Sunday during a national holiday, hmmmm.  This is not presidential behavior.  “Carmine, I don’t think it’s right that you (the Mayor) extort money from the University (for your parade)”…. “If you mention the word extortion again, I’ll have your legs broken.” (credit the classic 1978 film, “Animal House”, starring Karen Allen and the late, great John Belushi–you will remember the striking resemblance of “Mayor Carmine’s” personality with someone else we all know.  Carmine being a rather thuggish bully, dare I say gangster like political power man in the fake upstate New York college that the film was set in, with the Dean of “Faber College”, pleading with that man to stop with the strong arm tactics already).  Bob’s crime was getting caught, as this is not really news.  Just yesterday we saw the numbers on global capitalism gone wild, with 85 of the richest people in the world having more wealth, it has been calculated, than 3.5 billion people, roughly half the population of the world!  You don’t think all of that wealth “trickles down” to the lowly representatives, puppets many of them, who call themselves congressmen and senators, willing, able and ready to do their master’s bidding. i.e. keeping the status quo while working to eliminate government or to quote Grover Norquist, “…shrink it (government) down to the size where we could drown it in the bathtub.”–?  The top one percent in this union have more wealth than 45 percent of this county’s people and as the nation toys with the idea of “fast tracking” these new trade ‘agreements’, like the TPP, we better read the fine print.  For this is globalization on steroids.  If this trade agreement, and one like it for the Atlantic Ocean, passes the congress with either an up or down vote, gee why that?, and no amendments, it spreads it’s cancerous tentacles into every aspect of our lives, from destroying our already fragile manufacturing renaissance, to reeking even more havoc on our poor environment, while it drives down wages even further, leaving the working hungry to become even hungrier. These nations that invade our space will ride well above the already lacking environmental regulations, regulations with no fu#$king teeth mind you, and bring problems that we can’t even fathom as of yet.  We may very well look into the future right now and see that the country’s water supply will become more and more poisonous, with every new FRACKING well allowed to violate OUR sacred land.  Dirty, filthy, rotten snowmen indeed.  Telling the good people of West Virginia that it’s “…OK to drink the water…”  Bull$hit Governor Mansion, Bull$hit.  Have a good day and week ahead folks and please be sure to tune out FOX “NEWS”, it is not a product for what “Ailes” ya!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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