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April 21, 2012

Big Blue

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, warm, misty island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Saturday morning, the 21st day of April, 2012, a cloud covered day on Cape, after a spectacular day of sun splashed sand yesterday.  Coming to you LIVE from Cotuit, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, taking a break from the best news sources on television today, namely MSNBC’s “UP, with Chris Hayes” (8-10 a.m., both weekend mornings) and “Melissa Harris-Perry” (10 a.m.-noon); both fine must sea shows bringing to LIGHT the state of our environment on this anniversary of the bp Deep Water Horizon disaster that spilled over 250 million gallons, with many others claiming the truer number, 500 million, of raw crude into the pristine waters of the Gulf region two years ago yesterday–killing massive amounts of wildlife, from the basic one celled animals that begin the food chain, all the way up to Bottle nose Dolphins, sea turtles and Brown Pelicans who are in fair to poor condition as I write these words.  That oil that was swept under the rug by irresponsible oil and gas corporations has not gone away, on the contrary, the mixture of that oil and the banned from the U.K. chemical dispersant, Corexit 3500, designed to ‘disperse’ said toxic oil by sinking it, has appeared on beaches from Destin to Baton Rouge, making people very, very sick.   The two year old spill has, contrary to the horrible bp advertisements telling US otherwise, made it’s mark on history as the worst oil spill EVER on this little blue rock we all call ‘home’ for the time being.  Bp settled yesterday with a 7.8 billion dollar figure, a figure that is well below conservative estimates of 63 billion in losses, losses by way of restaurants that have closed permanently because as one local restaurant owner said only a few moments ago on “MHP”, “…the fish are dead and the beaches are filled with oil.” A far cry from the rose colored glasses rhetoric coming from the mouths of corporate stooges who could not care less about ‘the little people’ of the Gulf region, who are again, having some very serious health problems due to the toxic sludge left behind by perhaps the most immoral business practice on planet earth today–the OIL and GAS industry. Coming to a neighborhood near you soon, (FRACKING), coming there to make sure their ‘product’, namely a chemical cocktail from hell, will kill you before you can say boo! to these monsters.  According to Doug Inkely of the National Wildlife Federation, “…we need to RESTORE THE GULF, via a bill stalled in congress, as well as look into the non-existent changes that have been made to make sure this kind of horror show doesn’t happen again, i.e. looking into the blowout preventers that still fail 50 percent of the time, now failing in ever deeper water, twice the 5000 foot deep bp dig only two short years ago!   Not one head has rolled in this disgrace to our nation… This whole sordid affair is a crime against humanity, period.  This complete disregard for the TRUTH, not to mention people and the beautiful animals we share this earth with, is abhorrent and the history books, years from now, will depict it as such.  But that does not help out the poor folks today who have been jacked by bp, as new book after book, movie after movie will EXPOSE these modern day oily, slick, Robber Barons of black gold for who and what they are and what they represent–GREED, e.g., profit over people.  Two such works are the new HBO film, “The Big Fix”, a must SEA if you have the stomach for it, as well as “Black Tide”, by Antonia Juhasz, a great work that covers that basic human element not normally covered by the typical corporate media, an element that does change things (eventually) for the better.  The deaths of over 500 beautiful dolphins and all of those gorgeous sea turtles ought to spur you to anger, it does this cowboy. Perhaps if we, during this EARTH DAY celebration world wide on Sunday, begin to open our eyes and more importantly our mouths, maybe, just maybe, some miracle will transpire and WE can create a world where this sort of insanity does not happen every twenty years, repeating the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results) for all the world to see.  For it was only a short 23 years ago, the Exxon Valdez’s famous spill in Alaska virtually wiped out many species indigenous to the region, not to mention the people who made a living fishing that God given source of a living, such as the Mackerel and many others… and so it goes. The big corporate polluters, signed sealed and delivered by men running for President who will go unnamed at ‘this juncture’, will continue to rape and pillage our land, sea and air for their benefit until WE THE PEOPLE take that power back and say, NOT IN MY BACKYARD!  A move I am sure the ghosts of our Forefathers’ would not only champion, but perhaps help in some kind of a cosmic way–stranger things have happened. Have a nice day folks and more on all of the fancy book learnin’ , liberal, tree huggin’, climate stuff tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel, not to be confused with the bat $hit station of FOX “NEWS”, you know that channel where the “bubble headed bleach blonde comes on at five, telling you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye…” (credit Don Henley and the rock band known as the Eagles, an accurate parody of the news industry then and now, with song entitled, appropriately, “Dirty Laundry”).  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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