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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 3, 2020

Beijing Biden

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun risen, still, azure skied, independent, injurious, intelligent island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on a glorious Thursday morning, The Third Day of December, 2020. Loads of fun in the sun today, no masks allowed on Kalmus Beach, per order of the head Greater Black Back seagull union, “Keehar”, who also squawked, without reservation;

“…people have gone completely bat $hit!”


This ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, coming in the form of a deadly “Kill” and “Cull”inda Gates Foundation funded vicious vaccine–distributed to the public at gun point, via our own military–which will push RNA messenger robots into your blood stream, self assembling, simultaneously implanting a tiny microchip, so as to track and trace you, allowing you to once again be ‘FREE’ with a new normal ‘freedom’ pass, all for a ‘virus’ no deadlier than the common cold;

…is not what you ‘think’!

Wake up folks, that’s right, this ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel is a choo choo train, pounding along the tracks at one hundred and thirty-three miles per hour….


You and Yours.

If one has the inkling there’s something rotten in Denmark, you are not alone.

From a stolen election, to this cunning mark of the beast roll out coming in the form of a DNA altering, disgusting human fetal tissue laced vaccine that will change humanity forever.

“Warp Speed?”

How many people do you know who have keeled over suddenly from ‘The Rona’?

None right?

Then why the big rush to get this ‘medicine’ into your blood?

Ask “Kill” Gates, he’ll tell ya!

There have been three coups upon America in the past sixty years.  The first was the assassination of our 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The second was 9/11 (“The Controlled Demolition of America”, Jeff Berwick, must read!), and the third was November 4, 2020, where “Dominion” and “Scytl” voting machines were used to flip votes to Biden with servers based in Frankfurt, Germany?–four a.m. mass ballot dumps, voter intimidation, lack of access to ballot counters by GOP, bogus ballot counters destroying Trump votes, truly mass major voting fraud even U.S. Attorney General Barr refuses to acknowledge, let alone the corporate beast media whores.  All real evidence, via U.S. attorney Sidney Powell, a true Patriot, to SEA the light of day soon!

Hence stealing what would have been a landslide for Donald J. Trump.

What do all of these epic American events have in common?


Control what the masses think, say and do.

Create fictions like “The Warren Report” that concluded a lone gun man, a patsy well known to the CIA, from a country mile away, shot our great president in Dallas at high noon while traveling at 35 mph…, or the best selling fantasy series “9/11 Commission Report”, exposing box cutting CIA trained/paid ‘terrorists’ bringing three giant towers down at free fall speed, devoid of any plane ‘parts’ in New York, Pennsylvania or Washington D.C.’s Pentagon, ushering in a massive surveillance infrastructure that could choke an elephant, while simultaneously entering into two foreign wars essentially bankrupting the nation financially/morally, and now this whopper, where the public is supposed to believe over 80 million voted for a man who looks like they just dragged him from a nearby graveyard.

Worked some “Doctor” Fast Eddy Fauci, I mean Doctor Frankenstein black magic on him perhaps?

No sane person would buy ‘that guy’ could find his way out of a paper bag, let alone lead this nation while on the verge of a hostile communist take down of our former Republic, all under the ruse, the smokescreen of ‘climate change’ and a pandemic that never was…

Beijing Biden will sell US down the river to the highest bidder, and we all know who that bidder is.


So work on that Mandarin when the UN blue hats roll on in;

“I meet you later at the “Dragon Light”, at Midnight.”

“Maybe Tiki Port?

I can’t decide.”

Stay tuned!

Be well in mind, heart and body, stay strong, stay positive, stay creative, stay the course, stay in love energy.

They hate that!

Be wise as a serpent,

gentle as a dove.


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