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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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July 29, 2010

Beach Walk

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a very windy morning here on Cape, it is, as always, good to be with you.  Yesterday was perhaps the most beautiful day, thus far, on Cape Cod this summer, as the winds were strong, but dry, offering those white clouds that only appear, it seems, during the months of summer–giving us all pause to see the grandeur all around US, all around us, all around us…  On day 101 of the bp Deep Water explosion and subsequent environmental disaster that ensued and continues to this moment in “time”, I wish to relay some information that might help us all SEE a little clearer in regard to not only the disaster itself, but the subsequent cover up that continues even as I write these words.  The EPA, the “environmental protection agency”, that was hijacked by the Cheney/Bush administration in 2005, has been reported to have helped bp downplay it’s role of the environmental impact in it’s crime against nature, and subsequent cleanup efforts.  It has been compared to allowing the criminal to clean up the crime scene, aided and abetted by the stragglers placed in the “EPA” or, as it is better known, “the Halliburton loophole”, filled with the same corruption that was, and most likely still is, the MMS, or mineral management services, that allowed this disaster to happen to begin with.  The Washington Post reports that federal agents, that call themselves the “bp squad”, are investigating whether bp, Transocean or Halliburton, (before the blowout preventer blew sky high), lied to regulators, obstructed justice or faked the test results for their equipment, including that “blowout preventer”…  What is worse is the fact that bp is now, (advertising on corporate owned airwaves) advertising that, “the oil is getting harder to find…”  BULLSH$T! There have been 2200 reports of oil on beaches in the Gulf that are squashed by this “tycoon network” (a wholly owned subsidiary of FOX NEWS).  Hugh Kaufman, (EPA Senior Analyst) said on “Countdown, with Keith Olberman” yesterday, with Lawrence O’Donnell filling in for Mr. Olberman who is taking a much needed vacation, a few choice words that I would like to share with you regarding the toxicity and danger of the chemical dispersant Corexit 3500 that was used exclusively on the oil to do exactly what the commercial said, “make the oil disappear”…and I quote, “This dispersant is extremely toxic, Sweden has done studies on this, Israel has done studies on this, and the only real purpose of using so many dispersants with the oil was to cover up the VOLUME of oil, that was released from the well.  So that, and LYING about how much is coming out is the MECHANISM to let bp save BILLIONS of dollars in fines.”  He continued, “If they would not have used dispersants, we would have saved the eco-system that will now be affected for decades to come.  I was listening to the “so called” experts at bp, who are being paid by bp at “universities”, who are claiming that the oil has disappeared, IT HASN’T. It’s throughout thousands of square miles in the Gulf, mixed with dispersants and because of the temperature down there being so cold, these dispersants will be around for decades.  There was a political decision made to let bp take the lead (Cheney?) as opposed to the government being proactive, like we used to be.  The decision was made outside of the EPA, by political appointees, I don’t have the vision to see how high up that was made.”  When asked about the evidence regarding this damage by the dispersants, Hugh responded, “We have seen anecdotal information about sea mammals in the water, like dolphins, bleeding from their orifices, and some of the workers doing the “spill” cleanup with the same problem, the dispersant and oil mixtures are supposed to atomize materials, like oil, and well, if that gets into your system, that atomizes your cells and that is what causes hemorrhaging.  So, there is anecdotal information both down there in the Gulf and at the Exxon Valdez “spill” (21 years ago), that points to what bp has really done to the environment.”  When asked what can be done, Hugh responded, “We have hundreds of millions of gallons of oil spread out in the Gulf, with two million gallons of dispersant, and so what we must do is ACCURATELY monitor the air and water, be careful about seafood, and realize that we have now poisoned thousands of square miles of the Gulf, and WE have to recognize that and take the precautions so that we minimize the damage that has already been done to the Gulf.”  Sobering words from a man who does not have a reason to LIE. I wonder what John, “Billy Bob”, Boehner’s (R-OH) grandchildren would think of that?  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the people, SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein…may creative intelligence find the way! Have a nice day everybody!  Peace~M

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