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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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August 29, 2015


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, beautiful, breezy, bright blue skied island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on this Saturday morning, the 29th day of August, 2015.  Judging from the image above, and from the reality on the ground here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s), and all of the wonderful beaches that ARE the Cape and Islands, “Barbara” is no where to be found, save back at her apartment in Brooklyn.  That goes for the other 11 million people who toured through this hamlet of sand this summer season, breaking all kinds of records.  Where the hell were you?  Oh well, there is always next summer, touch wood… And please remember, we will leave that LIGHT on for ya!

Reality television has trumped reason, logic, grace, intelligence, vision and forward thinking, at least for the time being.  It seems many in the GOP these days are shaking their collective heads, e.g. baseball expert/writer/conservative columnist George Will, and wondering out loud to themselves, “…is this the end?”

For if a man like ‘the Donald’ (Trump) can pull this nomination off, who knows what this country could look like if he were actually elected?  His views are not as crazy as one might think.  Taxing hedge fund managers caught my attention, and thus, most likely doomed his chance to become that Republican nominee to vie to become this country’s 45th President.  Who really knows in this day and age of exposure therapy “It’s a guaranteed cure Bob!” We all must know by now the “United States of America” is not really run by any one man, for deep within the hallowed halls of this amazing history of said union lies a shadowy government that only a few know about; let alone are a part of.  One that calls the shots so to speak, pulls the strings in this part “Alice in Wonderland”, part “Wizard of Oz” movie script–life imitating art and art imitating life–no real agenda in mind; save to save the status quo.

“…how’s that Globalization working out for ya?”

It matters not that immigrants are flooding into Europe in record numbers, many dying in the attempt to outrun war, atrocities of all kinds, famine, global climate change, ISIL and other savagely evil entities.  The “wall” that Trump wants to build along the U.S./Mexico border, as ludicrous as that sounds (please SEA “the Berlin Wall’ sir!), is actually not that far off the mark, for it is already a reality in so many of our communities right here in the U.S.  Look at ‘the two Park Avenues’ in New York, or the 9th Ward in New Orleans, who, 10 years after Hurricane Katrina, has only one “grocery store” (please Google “Food Deserts”), struggling to serve real nutrition to the poorest of the poor in that historic city, with much of the devastation from said storm still in plain view for all the world to see.  If it were actually covered by the multinational corporate media dogs of war…

So if one wants to get ‘real’ about the problems in the country, stop listening to the nonsense emanating from the mouths of puppets whose only goal is to please it’s master, the guy, or gal, who signs the check ‘at the end of the day’… (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!)  Income inequality, “Citizens United”, the coming cataclysm of Global Warming, the rigged monetary-market system (run by “too big to fail” enormous U.S. and international banks, big oil, big pharma, giant industrialized ‘food’ producers, big chemical, big coal, big insurance and a handful of other powerful moneyed interests), are among the many pressing and very real issues starring down a dying democracy, i.e. this great nation, the one with that little letter ‘d’. A democracy so many men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve.

I wonder if any of this dark information will be addressed on tomorrow’s ‘informative?’ Sunday ‘talk’ shows?  Probably not huh?  The best is “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd, for if one really wants to ‘get fired up’ and ‘outraged!’, you know, get ready to rumble! and ‘get into it’, he is your man!

ENJOY your Saturday folks!


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