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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 8, 2020

Banana Republic!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the deep golden sun risen, calm, cool, collected island of Nantucket! Great to be broadcasting LIVE (UN-censored), from the sandy shores of Hyannis, nestled on famous Ocean Street, where the sun rises are magical and the kite surfing world class…


Yes, on this Eighth Day of November, 2020, a noisy Sunday morning, with birds of all feather singing loudly outside this humble reporters’ window, begging for their daily bread…

What day is this again?

What year?

What country?

The country is America, the year is 2020, closing quickly on 2021, and again, it is Sunday.  With all that has transpired in the past nine months or so, it is sometimes difficult to keep those simple facts straight.  Another such ‘fact’ is that we live in a Republic.  That elections are never STOLEN, that doctors are in the business of healing, not keeping people sick with Devil Bill’s snake oil coming in the form of any number of big pharma drugs blasted on your deception device of choice 24/7.  One would never dream America is actually at war and is being slowly taken over by China and the communist New World Order coup de tat.  There are no FEMA ‘reeducation/death’ camps in the United States of America, just in Canada, Australia, again, China, and many other western ‘democracies’ slated for execution.  Bill Gates and his lovely wife/husband “Cullinda” (the Malevolent One), along with their fine, outstanding ‘philanthropic’ activities via The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, would never dream of injecting one of their many patented vaccines to ‘cure’ their many patented virus’ into real, live human beings that include, but are not limited to, messenger RNA bots that invade human cells and alter them forever, turning YOU and YOURS into a GMO product.

A product you have always been and most certainly ARE in their creepy, beady, little lizard EYES.

Sorry to break it to you folks, but Sleepy, Slow Joe Biden’s SELECTION as the United States president elect is the beginning of a nightmare dystopia that will usher in complete and utter totalitarian control over every aspect of your life;

a life as you once lived on your own terms.

This is no longer a nation that owns it’s own destiny.

It is, however, a nation that has been sold to the highest bidder;

and that bidder,


So by all means, let’s forget about ‘ole Joe and his child abusing, crack head son Hunter’s relationship with said communist monster STATE, let’s ignore that blatant, criminal, fraudulent and sad CIRCUS that was the 2020 U.S. (s)election cycle, destroying the ‘enemy’ Trump and making Joe Biden our 46th U.S. puppet-in-chief… Let’s put our collective heads in the sand and ignore that “CON”VID-19(84) was and still is the perfect smokescreen for not only placing a senile old fool at the helm of one of the most powerful countries on Earth, a career politician who fits well with the people who are really in charge, but moreover a smokescreen for installing killer 5G on every light pole in America, that will, when turned up to 60 gigahertz and beyond, fry much of the population, as it affects the oxygen molecule and thus makes it harder breathe. What’s that you say? you crazy “conspiracy theorist”!

Are you insinuating that COVID and 5G are connected?

Are you mad sir?


Mad that we live in a world full of moronic sheeple who willingly participate in their own slaughter.

Mad no one seems to realize that 99.99999% of the populace is not in the inner circle of power.

“Riddle me this Batman, how many sides does a circle have?

Two Robin,


and outside!”

“Thinking” they are in the “fight”, making a difference by taking ’sides’ (republican/democrat false paradigm; flip sides of the same coin), in an obvious fraudulent election process in what once was a proud and honored American tradition.  The tradition of ‘president elect’ now being ‘called’ by corporate media whores in what most would now define as a Banana “Republic”. The republican/democrat false paradigm, the illusions of choice, Coke or Pepsi, is what those in real power desire;

…convincing the pitch fork people the torch people wish to take said pitchforks away.

Divide and conquer.

“Mission Accomplished.”

But wait, there’s more!

COVID 21 is coming!

And thank our lucky stars above that we have Joe Biden coming to Washington D.C. to save the day!  That is if you can keep him from drooling during dinner, speaking in tongues and touching little children inappropriately! Oh, and for the love of God, don’t forget about sassy, slick, scary VP elect and former top cop Kamala Harris; Robin to his Batman.  She a perfect specimen for the UN and our New World Order Kings, half Jamaican half Indian, you couldn’t have written a script any better.

If nothing else on this Sunday morning, remember these words by “Kill” Gates;

“If they didn’t pay attention to the first virus, ah, I think they are going to pay attention to the next one.”

Both “Kill” and “Cullindasitting there at interviews’ end with big, $hit eating grins, evil little smirks’ on their ugly, bloated, monstrous New World Order, World Economic Forum faces.

Stop drinking the Kool Aid baby!



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