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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 21, 2020

Badge of honor?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, calm, cool, cloudless island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this 21st day of May, 2020, a stunning morning here on Ocean Street, broadcasting LIVE at this six a.m. hour, with that aforementioned bright ball of light beaming through this reporter’s window, anticipating some great weather for the upcoming Memorial Day week end.


It will be a different holiday this year to be sure, with Massachusetts slow in reopening the economy especially when looking at other states around this great Republic, in theory anyhow.  Here in Hyannis, ‘phase one’ does not apply to restaurants, bars, hotels, you know, places for tourists to go and spend their money, money that keeps these mostly small businesses afloat during off season months.  But fear not, for there are plenty of beaches, marshes, glacial ponds full of all kinds of wildlife to enjoy, with loads of great salty, fried seafood to go with your family picnic at Dowses Beach, so come on down and pay US a visit,

”…we’ll leave the light on for ya!’

In other ‘news’, it seems our ‘president’ Trump is losing his marbles.  Just ask his campaign manager Brad, “oh my”, Parscale, poster boy for the new Miami Vice sitcom coming to Fox this fall, he’ll tell ya!  Yes, ole’ Brad had his clock cleaned yesterday via The Lincoln Project, launching a blistering, snickering Ad featuring Trump’s right hand man, Brad’, boyfriend of Jared Kushner? This hilarious Ad features ‘ole Brad riding around in his Ferrari, foundling hot chicks at the pool, sailing on his yacht, sipping cocktails in his two multi-million dollar condos in southern Florida, commanding respect, kicking a$$ and taking names, looking much like 007.  But don’t tell Donald he’s getting rich off his name, while taking the lime light off of the crazy old man, no sir!  Instead, keep telling ‘Da Donald’ whatever you have to in order to keep your boss from going ape $hit over the numbers for November, Biden with a two digit lead now nationally.  Don’t tell him that!  Do you want to agitate him?  Send him into a mental meltdown, a breakdown he may not recover from whenever he is told that his poll numbers are sliding faster than a rock slide in southern Utah.  Yes, ’ole Brad is in quite a pickle.  How does he have the time to live in a Michelob commercial circa 1984 and deal with a sociopathic, lying, corrupt so called ‘leader of the free world’ whose middle name is not John but narcissism?

That’s why they invented cocaine Brad, oh yeah, you already knew that!

These rats in Washington care not for say, the people of “Navajo Nation’, an American Indian territory the size of West Virginia, straddling three states in the southwestern corner of the U.S. where most souls do not have running water, electricity, food, jobs, medical care or hope of any kind, save the love they have for one another.  This area has repolaced New York as the epicenter of this COVID-19, with little in the way of help coming from the bastards in D.C. One poor woman whose home has dirt floors lost her husband and several children recently, looking out onto such utter poverty and despair, while others in this country gloat about their wealth and success in a clearly messed up society that is being led by psychopaths.  Soul less monsters who care nothing for the common man, woman or child, let alone nature itself, in a country founded on ‘WE THE PEOPLE’, instead, reading we, “the one, one hundredths of the one percent!

Yeah baby!  Yeah!

Shame on this creep in the White House who claims he has done a 10 out of 10 job regarding this virus, stating in his disinformation campaign, “I would not do anything, nothing, different”.

“I give myself a badge of honor.”

A badge of dishonor a$$hole!

You failed America sir, and now you are going to pay the price.

Have a nice day folks!


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