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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 4, 2009

Ave Maria

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As the snows continue to fall in the gathering darkness, there is something more, a higher clarity.  To the physical eye it cannot be seen, as it fades in definitions and labels.  Going deeper, beyond thought, there is wholeness and good without opposite.  For it is not out there for which ye seek.  It is and always has been within your own heart.  Fear cannot touch it, for fear is not real.  Fear is an illusion.  To allow well being into your life force, you simply have to open up your heart and see the love that already exists, a love that cannot be destroyed or taken from you–it is your birthright.  “You are no less than the trees or the stars, you have a right to be here.” And no matter what someone may do with that love you give so freely away, it matters not, for you have an endless supply of it–a fact that I did not know.  I “knew” it but did not “KNOW” it.  Another thing I never “knew” was that even when my own heart had been seemingly battered beyond human aid, that it could bounce back and that I could truly find myself praying for another–someone who had hurt me–forgiving them and thus releasing myself and them simultaneously.  And even if I do not “feel” really good about it right now,  what matters is that I am willing to feel the “bad” feelings and allow them to pass through me and out of me permanently.  Freedom is the byproduct of forgiveness.  Peace M

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