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October 26, 2010

Autumn Berries

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this windy, warm Tuesday morning here in Osterville, as I prepare for the Cape Cod Writers Conference’s annual business meeting at the Paddock Restaurant in Hyannis.  In attendance will be some notable authors, as always, and the costumes should be fun and full of imagination.  Going as Batman, again, I anticipate there will be a few Sharron “Angles” in the crowd with a few witches dressed like Christine O’Donnell, or is it the other way around?  The costume party on Capitol Hill, however, is far scarier, as we inch our way to this election that will, thankfully, be over on November 2 with the results most likely being devastating for the “American People” should the likes of Boehner, McConnell, Barton, Cantor and some other “leaders” of the republican party gain power in the House and Senate.  What is at stake is the honesty that is so lacking in our elected officials, as they spin their way through allegations that they are not really puppets for the big businesses that are putting them in power, they are ‘for’ the ‘American people’–tell me another LIE.  OK, I will, yesterday the full scope of the “Wikileaks” came to bear great fruit regarding the second biggest casualty of the Iraq War, the TRUTH. It seems that our friend Donald Rumsfeld, former Defense Secretary under George W. Bush, sold his lies whole sale as over 66,000 Iraqi citizens, innocent civilians, lost their lives, while many were tortured under the same policies that the Americans were using against these same Iraqi “terrorists”.  Further, the whole “surge” was a LIE, as Cheney/Bush ordered ‘death squads’ to ethnically cleanse the Sunni’s from Baghdad, so as to allow the Shiites to take control of the Capitol, making it appear the offensive was successful.  Americans soldiers, under orders from Rumsfeld himself, idly sat by and watched as Iraqi’s tortured and killed prisoners in the ’sovereign state’, while Americans were doing the same in secret prisons in many locations around the world–the common place practice of the BUSH regime, can you say WAR CRIMES! Further, the mercenary company whose name is now Xe, ’strong enough for a man, but made for a woman’, formerly known as ‘Blackwater’, the major player in the new American military policy or method of outsourcing military might to private contractors who are answerable to NO ONE, was sighted as a major protagonist in the killing of innocent Iraqi people, most notably massacring 17 innocent people in a fire fight, in broad daylight, during the height of the “surge” in the war.  These ‘mercenaries’ are now an integral part of the military industrial complex of the United States, as they are embedded in Afghanistan as I write these words, a kind of ‘private army’ that has no allegiance other than to the highest bidder on the ‘free market’.  Sends chills down your spine, no?  With the words of McConnell coming forth loud and clear that his “number one goal” in the next two years is to make sure that President Obama only has one term as Commander in Chief, with all of the problems facing this country and indeed world right now, you might say that Mitch, “the mouse” has shown his hand, proving he is in bed with the big businesses that create these eternal wars, whether they be wars with bullets or wars with words–for the most glaring example of that came from the new stooge they replaced Tony, ‘gone sailin’ ” Hayward, of bp, who stated recently, as 3 inches of oil/Corexit 3500 mixtures, covering a 145 square mile area underneath the Gulf of Mexico, sits, effectively killing ALL LIFE (our food chain in the ocean) in the area forever, concerning the Deep Water Horizon gusher, “it was the fault of the media for causing all of the fear and anxiety, confusion and depression.”  Yes, Mr. CEO of a mulit-national corporation that destroyed our Gulf Coast fisheries, families by the score and businesses forever, not to mention the wildlife and prestine wonder of the marshes, yes sir, you are so right about that, as you LIED about how much oil was coming out of that faulty blow out ‘preventer’ from the very beginning… remember?… you said it was around 5,000 barrels a day?  When in reality, at the end, conservative government estimates had it at 61,000 barrels a day, with many scientists thinking 80-100 thousand a day…what a scumbag.  And that, in a nutshell is what you will be electing if you vote for the republican ticket this November.  A scumbag, who will most assuredly hurt this country, fiscally, physically and spiritually, more than it is already, for the republicans have no plan, let me repeat that, they have no plans at all, save to continue to make shady deals with big corporations, who own them, as they continue to ship our few remaining jobs overseas.  They will repeal any kind of legislation designed to protect the “American People”, such as health care, Wall Street reform, that includes the new consumer protection agency, you know the one where they put a stop to banks ripping you off with hidden fees and outrageous bank overdraft charges, they will attempt to hurt seniors with privatizing Social Security, where we could all lose big when entering the Casino environment of Wall Street, not to mention cutting medicare and medicaid, while doing nothing to help the poor, save to humiliate them further for not having a job, that doesn’t exist anymore thanks to the US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, your friendly money laundering operation accepting secret foreign funds that helped put these as$hole$ in charge to begin with…and then finally  taking out any of the last barriers to the big oil, coal, and gas companies, as they continue to rape and pillage our environment, to the point of no return, leaving it soiled and brown for our grand kids, if they can go outside, for the temperatures will be so high it may not be sustainable for life 100 years from now, as the GLOBAL ‘hoax’ called global warming becomes a reality for even those too ignorant to KNOW it’s very real existence. So there you have it folks, your choice in the fall elections this year are easy, TRUTH or LIES.  Obama has done more to help this country dig itself out of a massive hole than anyone since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and if you are any kind of a student of history, you would know that he, FDR, was not well liked by the ‘robber barrons’ of his day.  So, take heart America, this fight is far from over, and when the American People do WAKE UP and smell the proverbial coffee, or tea as it were, they will rebel and take a hard look at each and every corporation and decide for themselves who is ethical and who is not, for without the consumer, the corporation is just an idea on a piece of paper, and if the many who practice in the art of “profit over people” continue, the backlash will be sudden and forever.  Have a great day everybody!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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