whale April Sunrise | Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 20, 2010

April Sunrise

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Another beautiful day on tap here on Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket–Greetings to all!  On East Bay this morning I witnessed one of the most spectacular sights on the Cape, wild Swans swimming in peace.  When I first looked out of my Saab this morning, I noticed some large seagulls swimming 200 yards out.  After focusing on the large white birds, I could clearly see that they were actually Swans who moments later, met up with three more.  They greeted one another in silence, reverance and grace, and just like that, they lifted their giant wings and took off in flight, heading west towards East Bay Drive, destination unknown…  These are the moments I treasure, the moments that make it all worth it.  There is a ray of sunshine that is making it’s way through the fog and muck that blurs the line between what is right and what is wrong.  Goldman Sachs, the premier investment bank in the United States of America, “got some esplainin’ to do…”  How can “banks” pretend that smart people will not understand what they have been up to?  Bilking their own customers out of billions of dollars in true “back room deals” that have systematically raped the American tax payer, not to mention entire countries, out of billions upon billions of dollars.  This recent scandal is a microcosm of what happened a year and a half ago, when Hank Paulson, former Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush, came to congress and asked for three quarters of a trillion dollars to keep these monstrosities called “banks” afloat–or else.  His proposal was written in crayon and consisted of three pages–THREE PAGES!  When you think about it, under the former President, we were on a crash course to oblivion in this country.  We had two unfunded wars, two huge tax breaks for the wealthy, an out of control banking system that gave nothing back to the economy, low moral, fear by the truckload, and a general angst in the country that could not be pinned down in words of the English kind, or any language for that matter.  What has happened since President Obama took over?  Historic health care LAW was passed, a beginning to the end of nuclear proliferation and loose nukes, an attempt to tackle climate change, true work in the Middle East to promote peace, and an economy that is beginning to show signs of life.  The P.O.N. does not want this, nor do their corporate masters, and have painted themselves as a radical, even dangerous alternative to common sense solutions in an ever changing world, an exponentially changing world.  The small minds that make up the P.O.N. are highlighted by personalities like Sarah Palin, who fits in perfectly with the “American Idol” mentality that at least half of America has become.  Check it out, in Washington D.C. the majority of the politicians are white males who are mostly in their 60’s and do not represent the majority of people in this country.  Denial is a strong player in this struggle for the soul of America, as these folks just don’t get it, and perhaps they never will.  It is a fundamental difference between the progressive mind and the mind of a junior high school bully who sings the lyrics of “Glory Days”, by Bruce Springsteen, thinking back to the “good times” when the stock market seemed to have no ceiling and bad deals were just a part of doing business.  So take heart America, Ronald Reagan did not own “Morning in America”–I do, and so do YOU!  Have a blessed Tuesday folks!  Peace~ M

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