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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 8, 2019

“April showers…”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, drizzly, damp and dreary island of Nantucket! Fear not, on this Monday morning, The Eighth Day of April, 2019, no sir/ma’am!  Sea Cape Cod is here to save the day with some light on an otherwise depressing start to ‘the work week’;


Above deck is an image of Commercial Street in downtown Provincetown, historically significant, as this is where the original “Pilgrims” arrived after their long journey across the mighty Atlantic, upon not finding enough water, they sailed across Cape Cod Bay, featured ‘below deck’, to Plymouth on the mainland of what is now known as “Massachusetts”. This is where they are more notably, via faulty history books, known to have set up shop and “incorporate” this ’state’ in 1620.

To be true to those brave souls who sought this ‘New World’, to escape tyranny from mad King James 1 ruler of both Scotland and England, brutal power over them until his death in 1625, indeed to those men and women who made it here despite not having WI-FI and a strong cell signal, Sea Cape Cod thanks you for your vision, faith and flourishing!

Rife with religious persecution in those dark early 1600’s, these peoples boarded that first famous sailing vessel, ‘The Mayflower’,  and departed England, Scotland and Ireland for this uncharted territory, landing here in Eastham on the shores of what is now known as “Coast Guard Beach”, right next to Nauset Light Beach where the equally famous same name Lighthouse still shines on into the blackness to lone vessels and souls bouncing along the deep, dangerous, deliberate, dark blue SEA.

Freedom was what they sought, almost 400 years ago, and freedom is what they found! A blink of an EYE in the grand scheme of ‘things’…

This spirit has not died in this great Republic, even if that definition is just on paper presently, for WE all yearn for freedom from tyranny in it’s now many deceptive forms.  And although the corporate mileu has muddied up the minds of the masses, judge them not. For we all have the right to be awakened from the illusion created by those ‘powers that be’ presently in our midst.

‘They’, and all of their secret, nefarious, Machiavellian inspired activities, will be exposed and dealt with just as our First President of ‘The United States’, George Washington, did roughly 150 years after the first pioneers of this majestic land cried “land ho”!

So take heart America, turn off the “TV” and read a book, go for a walk in the woods, swim in the ocean, fly like the Osprey!

Starry, starry night will lead one back to the heart and make things right.

“April showers bring May flowers!”

Have a great week ahead folks!

Full of peace, love, power, health, wealth, wisdom, light, love and frogs!


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