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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 15, 2021


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Greetings dear serfs, peasants, proletariat, unwashed masses, ’tis I, Lord William Montague III, country gentleman, flying high at 37,000 feet above the Rockies here in America, high above the “Mile High City” of Denver, Colorado, one of my favorite stomping grounds, chiming in on your soon to be completely CENSORED, scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected “Internet”, for in the words of that fabulous sociopath Jack Dorsey, CEO of what you humans refer to as “Twitter”,

“…we’re just beginning the purge.”

Having jumped through a few technological hoops of fire, I was able to hijack once again that dreadful Mike Mosier’s ‘do good’ ’seacapecod.net’, a true ’shot in the dark’ when it comes to undoing what we have in store for you and yours!  indeed bow down to us, the Illuminate crowd, a very exclusive, infinitesimally small group of unfathomably rich, depraved lunatics W.H.O. will soon control every aspect of your daily existence,

…however long that will be.

Our ‘final solution’ (credit: Adolph Hitler and “Kill” Gates), is on a slow frog boil roll out, by design, indeed, this biological operating system of death, akin to a computer’s ‘Microsoft’ operating systems, where ‘viruses’ pop out of no where, demanding a ’solution’ coming in the form of then expensive software ‘protection’ fire walls, now ‘needles in arms’ world wide, creating devastating health consequences world wide now. Indeed,  one can SEA for themselves on “Bit Chute” where nurses, doctors, every day people are having what we don’t like to think of what some call ‘Adverse Drug Reactions’, rather, a temporary suspension of your sanity and well being;

sacrificing yourself for the overall greater ‘patriotic’ good ‘health’ of the country and world at large…

‘Don’t you want to save grandma?”

Too late, she’s already been jabbed with a deadly Moderna shot, thanks a lot, now you have to find a plot.

New York’s 14th district congress person Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or what the ‘woke’ crowd refers to as “AOC”, put it splendidly yesterday when she stated, in pure Marxist fashion,

“we need a commission to figure out how to reign in our media environment, so people can’t just spew misinformation and disinformation.”

How perfectly projected my dear!  How rich! How hysterically hypocritical!

I’m so proud of you Alexandria!

can I call you Alex?

You make the mark of a perfect communist, as you strive to become that Orwellian Minister of Truth (lies), God Bless you my beautiful winner of that tawdry wet tee shirt contest at Coney Island was it, some seedy dive bar I’m sure?  Did you, or do you, have any other talents besides exposing yourself in a bar full of strangers? Such as suggesting the incoming UN dictated/WEF architected former Republic called the “United” States of America is to now burn all of the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution starting with the first.

Which reads,

if you still do my dear,

“The First Amendment of The United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference.  It prohibits any laws that establish a national religion, impede the free exercise of religion, abridge the freedom of speech, infringe upon the freedom of the press, interfere with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibit citizens for petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.”

It was adopted into the “Bill of Rights” in 1791.

“The most basic component of freedom of expression is the right to freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech may be exercised in a direct (words), or symbolic (actions), way. Freedom of speech is recognized as a human right under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without government interference or regulation.”

End quote.

“AOC” got nothing on me when it comes to hypocrisy!

I just love her style, don’t you?

I believe she will go far in this demonic. transhuman, AGI ruled New World Order!

However, her blind hypocrisy is a bit off pudding at times, perhaps she can learn a bit of tact, subtlety and when to drive that dagger into the backs of all her loving ‘constituents’ W.H.O. will follow her right off that cliff when they roll up their sleeve and get that “Cull”inda (the malevolent one!), Gates VAXX into their collective bloodstreams…

So, enjoy the upcoming “virtual” “inauguration” of a treasonous criminal as the  “46th President” of “the United States of America”, on January 20, 2021,



…right here in DC folks!

Your new overlords are moving on up, and you thought “America” won WWII, the “Cold War” and “The War on Terror”.

Now another invisible ‘war on a pandemic that never was…’

Problem, reaction, solution;

The Hegelian Dialect.

Final Solution coming in the form of a deadly injection–’jabbing needles in arms of 7.7 billion people–of a synthetic, mRNA pathogen/virus delivery operating system.


There is no “America” anymore, it’s gone!

just ask AOC!

All of this will be explained to you when you are forced into horrible, horrible, CCP style reeducation camps, I believe you know them as “FEMA” death camps today, already being stocked with plenty of Spam by our fine little man dictator of the year (2020), from the great state of New York, give it up for Emmy winner and overall a$$hole, Governor Andrew Cuomo, W.H.O. is a terrific book end to our left coast’s offering of California Governor Gavin, “China Girl”, Newsom, both of whom are in bed with our, the ‘global’ occult, favorite communist working real time model;

the CCP!

The bloody Chinese Communist Party!

“I meet you at Dragon Light at Midnight!


…maybe Tiki Port, I can’t decide…”

Sleepy, Creepy, Pedo, Joe Beijing Biden, Kamala, “Allha Achbar” Harris and all  the other SWAMP creatures oozing from that now black goo lagoon called Washington DC will be safe and sound from any law abiding middle class, middle aged Republicans, who are hell bent on stopping this red wave coming from a sleeping, now wide awake DRAGON!  Indeed, the Capitol looking more like Berlin in 1941, full to the brim with upwards of 30,000 fine young, American soldiers, pawns in this much larger take down of a nation you all thought of as number one, chanting in bee hive Borg inspired unison;



(a subsidiary of the global cabal)

Ah, here comes the filet mignon, Kristol and cocaine, so, sadly for you, it is now time to close, but before I do, keep this in mind.

Like the ‘terms and conditions’ you signed (in blood), for your Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Google, apps, so too did you sign your ’sovereign’ selves away when you were born into the bondage you currently suffer with, via your social security number.

Seig Heil!

However, you can break that spell any time, by realizing the only chains that bind you are the one’s in your own mind.

And just like that, can’t you SEA!


you are FREE!!!

Of course, as you AQUIESCE day in and day out to our depraved, sick, warped, twisted, inhuman, monstrous Agenda 21/30 plans for you and yours,

soon enough;

…that mind, body and soul will no longer be your own.

For you will be nothing more than a patented, programmed, positioned, impoverished, RFID marked, chipped, tagged, bloody GMO!

A genetically modified organism owned by the STATE.

Enjoy your week end slaves of America;

and long live women like “AOC”;

poster child for the coming AGI commie take down baby!

Love and Kisses!

Ta Ta!

William Montague III

(country gentleman)

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