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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 9, 2021

‘Animals are Great!’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, clear, calm, snow covered, brightly star lit island of Nantucket! Great to be broadcasting LIVE from famous Ocean Street at this six a.m. hour, The Ninth Day of February, 2021, typing in Historic Hyannis as another blast of snow is expected today, perhaps a few inches to compliment the frigid single digit air temperature outside, ‘did you want to talk about the weather or just chit chat?’ (credit: Bill Murray in the 1993 film “Groundhog Day”), because that is all America does these days, talk, talk, talk…

Forever seeing and fearing their own and everybody else’s bloody shadow!


“The official narrative”, or W.H.O. controls ‘it’ wins, hence mass censorship worldwide, the rush to inject an AI driven Frankenstein high tech mRNA DNA altering pathogen delivery system into every last living, breathing, still sovereign human being before it falls apart like the satanic house of cards that it most certainly IS.

Or will it?

So, continue digesting the corporate scripted ‘main stream media’, follow instructions from mad ’scientists’, do not question authority, lest you be branded a bat $hit crazy ‘conspiracy theorist’, while you watch your friends and family members die from a nefarious medical device coming in the form of a deadly syringe, or a thousand variations therein…

However, on a lighter note, we still have FOX News’ funny, intelligent, animal loving good guy Greg Gutfeld, white hat Republic freedom fighter Jesse Watters, beautiful, wicked smart Colorado girl Dana Perino, Oh, “Come on Man” Juan Williams, “Emily?” and that fiery red head, giving it to New York Governor Andrew, “who cares where they died”, Cuomo, Emmy winner, stating, ‘he’s got to go…’, Degan MacDowell, yep, these great journalists, as much as one can be during these man made ‘difficult times’ of censorship and scripted ‘news’ feeds, indeed, sinking in quick sands, truly Biblical Times, these hazy daze of winter, offer that little ounce of non digitized, spontaneous humanity so sorely lacking in this insane spell bound bondage of ‘Double Speak’ we all find ourselves in.

Thank God we still have shows like this! For to even hint that something is most definitely “Rotten in Denmark” shows ‘guts’, but for how long though? I don’t think Greg would enjoy a North Korean style “Greg Gutfeld Show”  in Mandarin?

“They speak Korean you racist white privileged a$$hole!”

indeed, sitting back later on at five p.m. eastern, flipping on ye ‘ole black scrying mirror to said Fox ‘news’ station, oh ‘magic mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest talk show host of them all?  Splurging, sipping on a Bai, watching animal segments ironically reminding one that you are still human and have a heart, which is far more powerful than the human brain, or the Cabal’s satanic AI driven central control.  Yes, just relax and literally stick your big, fat head in the sand, and then you can just pretend that powerful, all encompassing Cabal is not in the process of making the “Georgia Guidestones” in Elbert County, Georgia, a reality in the next ten years or so…

“America’s Stonehenge”, or so dubbed, where the ‘First Commandment’ of these four giant slabs of granite, complete with a cap stone, the new “Abbey normal” ten commandments from Satan himself, set out in the countryside in the middle of no where, a set of ten ‘guidelines’ as Google would have you ‘think’, are laid out in eight modern languages, with a ’shorter message’ at the top in four ancient language scripts.

“Let these be Guidestones to an age of REASON.”

That “First Commandment” that is not easily found now on said monster search engine, Google, carved in stone mind you, states clearly, eloquently, boldly;

“Maintain Humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Green New Deal AOC?

Sounds like genocide to me.

Just ‘Google’ Deagel.com’, (future population forecasts for 2025, reduction in U.S. population by 90%),

they’ll tell ya!

You’ll SEA!

If your gonna get wet, you might as well go swimming.

Have a nice day!


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