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October 12, 2020

Rough SEAS!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grey, cool, blowing, soon to be pouring island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a chilly, damp, dreary Monday morning, The Twelfth Day of October, 2020, holding steady as she goes while the world falls apart under one’s toes…

Sandy toes, salt water kisses!

As we near perhaps the last American presidential election, it may be ‘time’ to reflect upon just how well the scamdemic smokescreen has not only been in it’s initial roll out (and over the U.S. and world populations), moreover, in it’s ramping up. And by design, it’s incendiary nature, setting the globe afire in a raging ‘COVID’ barn burner…

Claire Edwards, a former UN staff member for 18 years, translated a 169 page document written by four former French Army reservists, whose work, to date, far exceeds any done by anyone this humble reporter may know of.  The work can still be seen on YouTube, for how long is anyone’s guess, “What on Earth is Going On?” (A Claire Edwards presentation), and I would highly recommend a look SEA!

Back in March, PANIC was spread through the citizenry via confusion about this “novel” ‘epidemic’ and it’s possible deadly consequences, the absence of tests, except for VIP’s, the lockdown of the whole healthy population, the organized shortage of masks and tests, the governments ban on Chloroquine (among many others), treatment (available for over seventy years over-the-counter without anyone worrying about the “precautionary principal” now used as an objection to confiscate this treatment), except for extreme forms (translation: when near death and lung damage is irreversible), media pressure supporting death counts…

Everything seems to have been done deliberately.

And at the highest level to:

Spread a false medical paradigm, destabilize the emergency services, distort the numbers by way the tests are done (PCR tests, warned by it’s creator in the 80’s, do not detect infectious diseases or viruses), by the way the diagnoses are being made, by way the cases are being counted, expose law enforcement, promote the spread of the ‘epidemic’ by opening schools, laced now with toxic 5G microwave weaponry…

A fumigation operation?

Electromagnetic weapons for a silent war waged upon humanity?

You betcha!

“Covid-19″ is only the first salvo of an ongoing operation involving:

…mass mandatory, compulsory vaccinations, the “chipping of humanity”, the installation and ramping up of 5G antennas, and the areal spraying of new viruses.

Dr. Andrew Kaufmann, a noted physician and medical researcher whose work has blown the lid of this “CON”VID-1984) job, took photos of exosomes under a microscope and compared them with photos of what is claimed to be ‘covid-19′. these two photos were exactly the same. He then examined the genetic composition of the exosomes and that claimed for ‘covid-19′, and it turned out these two compositions are identical in every respect.  Each attaches on the same cellular receptors.  They are the same thing.

Thus one notes that the total number of deaths did not increase compared to the previous year during the same period, but this total figure includes the presumed deaths by COVID-19, which are the majority.  This means there is no increase in the number of people dying, but their death is attributed to COVID-19, while the actually died from something else.

Regarding everybody’s favorite mind controlling medical monsters, The World Health Organization, or WHO, it must be noted that they have a murky background.  It is notoriously corrupt, per the appointment of it’s latest Chairman, “Dr.” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, whose reputation in Ethiopia speaks for itself, and has intentions much more closely related to totalitarian ideology, criminality and eugenics..

So by all means people of America, stand back and let them take away your last remaining God given rights, let them take your children, let them slowly cook you and yours with dangerous, diabolical, devilish millimeter, microwaves, while they stick a needle in your arm, altering your DNA forever, as the microchip they inserted brings you that much closer to being a ROBOT!

Have a powerful, pioneering, prosperous, pampered week ahead folks!

Don’t take any more wooden nickels from ‘the men behind the curtain’!

(credit: “The Wizard of Oz”, circa 1938)


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