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January 7, 2015

‘…and taking names’.

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the bitterly cold and cloudy, soon to be snowy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this chilly January sixth morning, a Tuesday to be sure, catching up with some must watch TV–in the form of “All IN” and “TRMS”, both on MSNBC (not a paid AD!), weeknights at eight and nine p.m. eastern respectively–shows that sift through much of the malarkey one must digest on much of cable ‘news’ these days, especially the morning talk shows, wow, bringing one full circle as it were, more along the line of reason, logic and clarity…true journalism at it’s best.  Stuff that the late, great “60 Minutes” correspondent Mike Wallace would have been proud of, as the stories are full and full of nutrients, like a good meal, leaving the viewer richer for the experience.  A very rare trait in today’s horrible cornering of the ‘idiot market’, not a hard market to corner though…

Case in point Steve Scalise, the new now Republican majority whip, third in command of this ‘not your grand father’s GOP’, and the white washing of his speaking at a David Duke ‘fundraiser?’ back in 2002, claiming ignorance and saying out loud, “…what me, a racist pig?  I hate, I mean hate, really f’ing hate, hate groups man! ‘Cause deep down I am just David Duke without the baggage, oops, did I just say that?”

  • Back in the 90’s you could not, not notice the former Grand Wizard of the KKK and still HATE based anti-Semite whose website confirms my liberal tree huggin’ “biases”… Look up that word in the dictionary a$$hole and you will see your picture right above it, for to enter this new (as of today), 114th U.S. Congress with that guy (Scalise)–number three man–is just asking for trouble, for there is no way you can absolve yourself from a Nazi like Duke, an event the hotel hosting it condemned, distancing itself from the event in 2002, all while Duke is threatening to release of list of names he claims to have that are tied somehow to his organization, effectively blackmailing the now Republican clear cut majority in both houses of that 114 Congress.  Stating very loudly on CNN that if they remove Scalise from power, those names “he be taking” over the course of a few decades will suddenly see the light of day; exposing a whole host of possible Republican and Democrat mud puppies under the log, shining that white hot sunlight on the whole messy affair.

A little known FACT of note vanilla extract nightly news shows never offered up to “the American People”, the fact that former GOP House Whip Eric Cantor (recently thrown under the bus by his red meat base, as well as the fact he was the only Jewish person in power, real power in Washington, at least anyone who has an “R” next to their name), was replaced by a guy who might as well still be carrying a burning cross for David Duke.

I mean come on!  We already have David and Charles Koch making big time decisions, or trying to (Good Luck with the Keystone Pipeline bid fellas!), in our nation’s Capitol via lobbying groups like Heritage Action, breaking knee caps to ‘get things done’ in Washington. ‘Things’ like introducing legislation via A.L.E.C. (please Google the Machiavellian ‘American Legislative Exchange Council’; hard at work for some American plutocrats, creating ‘helpful’ pre-written bills GOP puppets simply have to put their little John Hancock on!

Why can’t the ‘new GOP’ just leave the Nazi out of the equation?

Curious minds would like to know.  The reality of this new Congress getting anything done is already an updated laugh track on one of the many intelligence insulting network ‘comedy’ shows polluting television today.  Although it will appear they are making sure the ‘medical tax device’ controversy is put to bed for the said (ad naseum) “American People”, as well as sending up a bill to the President to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature bill.  Along with an assortment of other acts of futility that will only end up on the cutting room floor, the new Congress will waste more of the People’s time and money, sending up bill after bill and with the stroke of that mighty American made VETO pen, the U.S. President–the historically great President Barack Obama–will just sit back and truly get things done for a vast majority of the American people, striking down insane notions only a few want, but most do not.

Hopefully mending our infrastructure and letting people know this country has a very bright future indeed.  Telling the land that if Mitt Romney would have won, this all might not have happened, the economic boom to come and that is making it’s way into Main Street more everyday.  Today’s U.S. economic news is the fruition of his very predictions.The only difference is Obama won and he will get that historic credit, going down as one of the U.S. greats at that position…

So sit back and relax, get out the popcorn and watch the madness unfold.  For in this passing political parade the only thing that survives is TRUTH, INTEGRITY, COURAGE, COMPASSION and ACTION.

The rest is just background noise…

Have a nice Tuesday, won’t you?


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