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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 24, 2010

and a whale will rise.

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning, with the weather on Cape being a bit breezy and warm, plenty of sunshine and the open roads of the fall season here on lovely Cape Cod and the Islands, come on down and visit us, we will leave the Light on for ya!  How badly does the American public have ADD, or attention deficit disorder, coupled with a lack of historical perspective?  It is not their fault, information and history are not high on the priority list of most people in this United States of ours, and with the increasing volume evident on any “news” channel, pumped up with misinformation and flat out lies, disguised as TRUTH, with a good dose of fear and hate thrown in, it is no wonder the “American People”, as they ponder where they could possibly find a job, are discouraged, disillusioned and in despair that things will ever get better.  In 2005, Citibank, or Citigroup, whatever they are calling themselves today, issued a secret memo that was thankfully leaked to the public, revealing the truth about the real “movement” in this country–a revolution of the largest financial proportions, perhaps not seen since the days of the Roman Empire, a complete takeover of the country by elite corporate interests–plutonomy, rule by the wealthy, started by Donald Regan and the bulls of Wall Street after the overthrow of a very good and decent President who spoke the truth, especially regarding this country’s obsession with “consumption” (sparked by the late 1970’s energy crisis, a forewarning of things to come) and the fact that we must, collectively, as a nation, learn to conserve and re-think our loyalties to ever growing corporations who are only interested in moving product, not moving a country forward.  Donald Regan was the CEO of Meryl Lynch, at that time, the largest stock brokerage firm in the world, and became, after the election of actor Ronald Reagan in 1980, the Secretary of Treasury, a key position that was designed to de-regulate the banking system, turning the keys to the hen house over to the wolves, and thereby giving us the tangled web of a financial system that is literally “too big to fail”.  This was also done by design, for the “powers that be” realized that if they could own the system, that everyone was dependent upon, rig it to their “way” of making huge profits, that only served the very top executives who were on the “inside”, as Michael Douglas, playing Gordon Gecko, from the classic film Wall Street, stated so eloquently when he claimed that, “greed was, for a lack of a better word, good,” they could keep the “American people” hostage to corrupt capitalist system that only rewarded the top 2 percent in this country, while it systematically destroyed the rest of the nation–a financial nuclear bomb, destroying the middle class by destroying the unions and any chance for realizing the “American Dream”.  There is a clip from Wall Street and the famous “bell” that VIP’s ring after every session on the New York stock exchange, where they showed Ronald Reagan giving a small speech and the “man behind the curtain”, at that time, Donald Regan, who was standing right next to Reagan, leaned over and whispered in his ear, not enough so that the microphone could not pick up sound, “speed it up”…  1 percent of the nations’ wealthiest individuals have more money than the lower 95 percent combined, today, in the year 2010, thirty years after Donald Regan took control of our nation’s treasury and it has, as evidenced by that statistic aforementioned, only intensified, as many of the world’s economies begin to resemble one another.  The Grand Canyon between the haves and the have nots is becoming the central issue in this country, and if it is not now, it will be, for if the American people buy into the crap that the republicans are selling, they will soon realize that guys like Paul Ryan don’t give a sh$t about you or your family, he only wants your vote so that he and the rest of his sick Delta buddies can continue with the directive stated in the 2005 memo by Cititgroup, a sentiment felt by the all of the ruling class, or plutocrats as they will hereto for be named.  Average Americans don’t know this, however, because 60 percent of them watch FOX “NEWS” and thus, have most likely already been brainwashed by this right wing propaganda machine, 24/7, whose “hosts”, like brother Glenn Beck, Goldline salesman, better check your better business bureau on that one, stoke the fires of fear, hate, intolerance, exclusion, paranoia, and bigotry, and as they watch these horror shows, they are manipulated into feeling “sorry” for the very captors who are keeping them in squalor, the multi-national corporations such as Wall Mart, who takes out insurance policies, life insurance policies on it’s employees, checking out, actuarially, to see how long they may live, and thus, as was the case with a 26 year old woman who worked in the bakery of some Wall Mart in America.  She had asthma and they knew that, and when she died, it was revealed that Wall Mart received the death benefit as her “beneficiary”.  These modern day slave drivers, the corporations whose CEO’s have increased their overall compensation by 278 percent in the past ten years, as opposed to the average worker who has seen his/her wage remain stagnant, as everything around them, the cost of health care, groceries, gas, heating oil, electricity, cable bills, etc., are going through the roof, are akin to the ancient Vikings, who raped and pillaged at will…is this what John Boehner, “of orange”, speaks of when he speaks for “the American People”, is he on crack?  This is what I mean by a Stockholm Syndrome, where the captives, i.e. the “American People” are literally held hostage by the monopolies that have taken over our democracy, via brutal capitalism, that cares for no man, woman, child or polar bear.  The RTP, or “republican tea party”, is cunning enough to know that the average American has the attention span of a five year old, has no idea, nor wants to know, what a “derivative” is, what the World Trade Organization does, what the World Bank does, or what the republicans really plan to do, should they get power in the Legislative branch of the U.S. government back.  Their “Lemon Pledge” (credit Keith Olberman) to the “American People” is a JOKE, and does not tell the real tale, as they plan to turn over the best social program this country has ever seen, Social Security, over to the wolves of Wall Street, taking 5 percent right off the top, “privatizing it”, and ultimately taking it out of the picture.  Similarly, they will take out medicare and privatize the Veterans Administration, you know, the safety net for our men and women in uniform, turning that 85 percent effective program, with less than 1 percent overhead, over to the same wolves on Wall Street (no offense to natural wolves of the world).  This, all with countless, nonsensical “investigations” into the Kenyan connection and paranoid delusions of old men who hate black people.  You don’t believe me?  You should, for these are ruthless men, who will let nothing stand in their way.  I would like to offer you one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s last “State of the Union” addresses from the White House, as he was ill and could not make it to the Capitol building, and transmitted his speech via radio transmission.  After the speech was concluded, he asked the camera man to come into his office and film the last portion of this message, and, upon watching it today, it is as if a ghost is appearing, screaming at us to wake up before it’s too late… President Roosevelt, if you are listening, or reading this blog, bring back the Spirit of this nation, bring it back to where it should be, for we are lost and need to find our way home… “It has been my custom to deliver this message in person… in our day, certain economic proof have become accepted as self evident.  A second “Bill of Rights”, in which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all, regardless of their station, or race, or creed.  Among these are a right to a useful and remunerative job, the right to earn enough, to buy adequate food and clothing and recreation.  The right of every farmer to raise and sell his product, at a return that will give him and his family a decent living.  The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom, freedom from unfair competition and domination, by monopolies at home or abroad.  The right of every family to a decent home.  The right to adequate medical care, and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health.  The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accidents, and unemployment.  The right to a good education.  All of these rights spell security, and after this war is won, we must be prepared to move forward in the implementation of these rights, to new goals of human happiness and well being. For unless there is security, here and at home, there cannot be lasting peace in the world.” Amen, Mr. President, Amen…  The whole notion of “security” starts with honesty from our leaders, with their sole intention being creating and maintaining a strong, peaceful nation, for all her citizens, devoid of corruption at the highest levels, i.e., conflicts of interests with special interests groups that outnumber the politicians, 25 to 1, (corporate lobbyists to politicians in Washington D.C.).  We KNOW what the “man behind the curtain” wants to do with the whole concept of the “American Dream”, the 64,000 dollar question is, are WE going to let him?  Have a wonderful week end everybody, be safe out there amongst the English!             PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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