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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 9, 2020

‘An inconvenient truth’…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again golden sun lit, balmy, sapphire blue skied, sassy, silly, sexy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on another “Indian Summer” Monday morning (Mosier you racist!), here on little old Cape Cod, this Ninth Day of November, 2020.  Broadcasting LIVE from famous Ocean Street in Historic Hyannis;

COVID free raw bar for ALL!


Propaganda–as served out by our fine, outstanding corporate media satanic shills, prostituted, electronic bullhorn boogaloo bimbos, blasting at ‘cha with their scripted New World Order hor$e$hit 24/7–is a bright, shiny object most morons are attracted to, i.e. ‘The American People”. A group of highly gullible, yet lovable, idiots who believe whatever this BEAST MK Ultra mind controlling panel of whores tells them.

As long as it’s ‘their’ people.

MSLSD anyone?

“It’s time to go to the magic Kingdom!”

“No man, it’s too early for me, I gotta drive.”

(credit: great comedy geniuses, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis in a National Lampoon’s 1970’s ‘record album’, “That’s not funny, it’s sick.”

Joe Biden is NOT this nation’s ‘president-elect’.  This so called ‘media’ does not have that right to make that call or proclamation, and like in the year of our Lord 2000, 20 years ago about this ‘time’ of year, remember where you were, I do?, another democrat, Al Gore, was considered and proclaimed, by said fake news, that he too was ‘the president elect’, indeed, for 37 days, this man, author of the best selling FICTION, “An Inconvenient Truth”, thought he would solve the man made ‘climate change’ HOAX and…

Ever hear of President Al Gore?

Didn’t think so.

U.S. President Donald J. Trump won this 2020 presidential election fair and square, He worked for it and deserves better from his colleagues and his country. He received more votes than any other sitting American president, over 71 million and counting.  Yet, this all consuming, mind controlling, mass media, the propaganda arm of the Cult, insists on ever brainwashing/convincing the American people Joe Biden actually won.  We’ll be boppin’ to that COVID shuffle you betcha!  By all means yes, we got to have dancing in the streets with no masks yawl!  What about COVID?  What about social distancing?  What about the virus?  What about the children?  Ah, give it a break for today, we won!


Donald Trump has the evidence to prove software called “Dominion”, remember that name, was programmed by design to take fractions of votes and move, meld and multiply them to wherever a gap needed filled. Same principal as fractional reserve banking, also destroying what value is left in the U.S. dollar. In this case, it was Joe Biden who miraculously got more votes than there were voters in say Wisconsin.  Hmm, How does that work?  What about the people coming back to life to vote for old Joe?  Those zombies, they must really love that crazy old man! Moreover, there is substantial evidence of vote counters (who were blocked access to observe counting in key battle ground states), DESTROYING ballots and in one instance, a woman was caught on tape at a voting center instructing her workers to do just that, her words, not this humble reporter’s;


However, that was just first chapter of what is to about to unfold next.

Why are store fronts still all boarded up?

Rioters on call.

Why are cases of “CON”VID019(84) going up (with no ticks up in death?), hinting at another debilitating economic, physical, spiritual, and mental health breakdown coming in the from of another draconian UN inspired and mandated lockdown?

Because the hammer is about to fall.

This truly fake scamdemic, again, was the smokescreen needed to not only roll out 5G without a hitch, but to dovetail with a fraudulent election, to groom “The American People” if you please, condition them into complying with the coming medical marshal law, mandatory vaccines, mandatory masks, get them conditioned to tracking and tracing and the destruction of our democracy, our freedoms and our currency.

The controllers NEED CHAOS in order to pull of this coup de tat of the United States of America.

Joe Biden is that perfect foil.

Get everyone all excited and then said hammer falls,

like lightening from the sky…

It will turn out the legend Donald J. Trump was right, and the highest court in the land will strike down this current (s)election as the fraud that it is and was, handing a second term to Trump.

With that news all hell will break loose across this country, riots that will reach the White House.

This is what the ‘men behind the curtain’ want, to destroy the system completely, smash it into a billion little pieces, and then, after all the blood, sweat and tears, along with a lot of Nano dust, ‘the saviors’ will usher in “The Solution” to “The Problem”, this “Great Reset”, a GLOBAL reset of everything you can imagine, and then a whole lot more!

Thanks Colonel Klink (Klaus Schwab), of ‘zee SS! I mean World Economic Forum!

Seig Heil!

Stay tuned folks!

Make sure you get all OCD on me and wash your bloody hands at least 33 times a day, for at least a half hour at a ‘time’, socially distance from other dangerous, dirty, disgusting, germ/virus/bacteria filled humans, for God’s sakes!  And per our dear, contradictory Father, “Fast Eddy” Fauci, wealthy epidemiologist and ‘leader of the “CON”VID-19(84) “task force” to battle a pandemic that never really was, and wear a dehumanizing, deoxygenating, bacteria/mold colony building, belittling, ridiculous mask and stay as hypnotized as possible with the shiny propaganda you ingest into your being day in and day out.

Never reach out!

“Good Morning America” (and the like), is a cancer that needs to be cut out from anyone’s daily routine.


The drug of a nation, breeding ignorance and feeding,


Everything one may SEA on said box fills one’s head with rocks.

Have a wonderful, wicked awesome week ahead folks!

Keep the FAITH!

Better days are ahead!

“The BEST is yet to come!”

(credit: musician extraordinaire Tony Bennett)


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