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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 22, 2010

American Oyster Catcher

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good, as always to be with you on this Wednesday morning here in Osterville, formerly known, a hundred years ago, as “Oysterville”.  Above, you will see a very rare shore bird, image taken at Dowses Beach, right here in Osterville, whose distinctive orange beak and long legs will bring you a clue of recognition should you ever stumble upon one of these magnificent examples of why I write this blog every day.  Nature is the ultimate cleanser, as it sweeps out the old, stagnant thoughts and replaces them with the here and now, the present moment and the fact that we are all in this together, whether we like it or not.  Yesterday, was a good example of that in Washington D.C., as the republican party, soon to the the RTP, or “republican tea party”, a dying breed of older white males who are hell bent on staying put in the 20th century, and perhaps taking us backwards to the days before Abraham Lincoln brought about the first real attempt at gaining Civil Rights in this country with the abolition of slavery, via the Civil War, that ended a little over half way through that century, with over 550,000 dead Americans, American brothers, dead.  The U.S. congress yesterday, with the help of the republicans and a few misguided democrats like Blanche Lincoln, irony, I know, successfully filibustered the Defense Authorization Bill, that, at it’s core, and the reason it was filibustered in the first place, was due to the controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, an outdated 17 year old policy designed specifically to pacify people who have the dis “ease” of homophobia, and the general angst the republican party has against gay people in general–the “homosexual agenda”, as they like to call it.  Whether or not the aging republican party knows it or not, the universe in expanding and evolving and they just don’t seem to get it, that, if they continue putting their head in the sand concerning this issue among others, like GLOBAL WARMING, they will be left in the dust, literally and figuratively, for within the next generation, the now “white majority” in this nation of immigrants, will be just another “minority” in a very diverse and culturally rich nation.  Change is scary and people who have been set in their ways for decades are going to have to wake up to the reality that oil, and all of the products that come from this most efficient form of energy known to mankind at present, not just oil to heat our homes and fuel our cars, planes, boats, etc., but also in 80 percent of the products we buy, from the packaging of celery in the grocery store, to cosmetics, to water bottles and beyond, is going to reach the top of the bell curve and as the supply begins it’s decent, the price, via economics 101, will go up, big time. We use petroleum in almost everything we see, touch, taste, feel and sometimes smell–thanks bp, thanks for the memories, we won’t forget you Tony, “gone sailin’ Hayward”, I will see you on the high seas, and so, it may be difficult to imagine such a scenario, but try you must, for this is very real indeed.  This is a subject that few bring up, let alone discuss at any great Length.  Imagine, if you will, as we gobble up 11 million barrels a day, in this country alone, of the black gold, imagine if the supply was to suddenly run out?  What would happen?  Pandemonium. We rely so heavily on fossil fuels, that the country would literally go into a giant panic and there would be great suffering, especially in the largest of cities, that rely on fossil fuel, gasoline, for the countless 18 wheelers that drive into, say Los Angeles, every day to fill up the 3 day supply of food in the greater Los Angeles basin, to feed over 25 million people, if you count Orange County in the mix.  If the oil and gas suddenly began to run out, and as our own national “supply” dwindles down to a trickle like the Colorado River reaching the ocean, a whole other issue, water, the massive shortage would strike at the very heart of humanity, food.  It is estimated that L.A. has a three day supply of food, and as most of the food that we eat comes from places as far away as Chile, we would, in all essence, be starving for some answers.  Why wait for panic and chaos?  Why not tackle the problem BEFORE it becomes a problem?  Realizing that peak oil, just like GLOBAL WARMING, is a reality and therefore, and I’m talking to you p.o.h.n./tea party movement puppets and to the “man behind the curtain”, why wouldn’t WE all want to put our heads together for the next generation, you know, the FUTURE of MANKIND? What kind of a global leader are we if only concerned with petty politics and power struggles?  Where is the nobility is in that?  Real leaders, who will emerge, have only one thing in mind, saving the humans from themselves, before they destroy what creative intelligence created to begin with– this world, all of it’s people, animals and plant life–including them.  I feel as if the whole country has reverted, mentally, spiritually and physically, back to junior high school, for the seriousness of the message, sounds as if it is coming from the clicks that formed in the halls of those junior high schools you may be able to remember, filled with immaturity and teenage rebellion, not fitting for a United States Senator, for as we systematically rip apart the fabric of this nation with constant hate and fear, paranoia and flat out lies, misinformation and innuendo (via the hostile multi-national corporate takeover), we will see that our competitors, our siblings if you will, such as China, India, Brazil, Germany and all of Scandinavia, have passed us by and are sailing on, with Stockholm, Sweden as the best example, as they are on a very realistic path of being fossil fuel free by the year 2020.  We must realize that “time” is of the essence and all of this partisan bickering is doing nothing to help anyone in this country, save the special interests, the puppets themselves and the multi-national corporations, who must be shamed into stopping their horrible business practices, such as the scumbag corporation called Halliburton, who have, along with the Koch brothers, poured 596 chemicals into tens of thousands of private homesteads across 37 states, thus far, via the “hydraulic fracturing” of shale in order to release the “natural gas”…making so many poor families extremely sick, with some deaths reported,  with no one knowing what the long term effects will be, not to mention the dying wildlife in the rivers, streams and estuaries, where these villainous companies run a muck, with no consequences.  For “Dick” Cheney solved that liberal problem in 2005 with the “Halliburton Loophole”, that effectively made the Environmental Protection Agency, just the ‘Environment Agency’, a toothless organization, “nothing to look at here folks”, as the once formidable agency turns a blind eye to these very real upcoming disasters in the manmaking–coming very soon to the Hudson River and the 18 million New Yorkers who depend upon the waters that originate in upstate New York, where Halliburton and other “natural gas” companies plan on “fracking” this upcoming year (contracts have been signed), pouring those same 596 chemicals into MOTHER EARTH and thus, into the water supply and soon into your bloodstream…not a pleasant thought, but the republican party is counting on that sentiment as well as apathy on behalf of a country that suffers from ‘attention deficit disorder’, is overweight, lethargic, and brainwashed by the corporate media outlets like FOX NEWS, a propaganda machine for powerful corporate industries that span the globe, and thus control, at least, this time around anyway, 51 percent of the voting public, assuring their victory in the fall and turning this country backwards, bringing forth more of the same soul crushing sentiment that goes against the very nature of who we all are, children of GOD.  Have a wonderful day folks!     PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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