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October 5, 2010

American Kittens

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this wet and windy Tuesday morning here in Osterville, most assuredly a raw day here in this little village by the sea.  With the election heating up all across this great nation of ours, I thought I might play a clip from yesterday’s interview NPR had with Carl Paladino, who is running for the position of Governor of the great state of New York, running as a republican, as he tries to soften his image as a tough guy, ever since the altercation with a New York Post reporter where things got a little out of hand, ending in Paladino telling the reporter, who he called a “bird dog”, that he would, “take him out”, words that he claims he regrets, and hence, the interview that I will translate verbatim, presently…enjoy.  AND ACTION: NPR:  “Welcome, Mr. Paladino, or may I call you Carl?”  Paladino:  “No, toots, you can call me Mr. Paladino, you got any of those protein bars here on the set, ’cause there was no protein bars back in the green room…”  NPR:  “No, I’m sorry Mr. Paladino, we don’t, but I would like to ask you a few questions regarding the issues that are facing the citizens of New York, would that be OK?”  Paladino:  “Sure, but let’s make this quick, I’m supposed to be at the track by 9…”  NPR:  “What are your thoughts on the environment?”  Paladino: “If you are talking about the contracts that are already signed to begin “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing of shale rock, pouring 596 chemicals into the earth, along with high pressurized water, in order to gain the “natural gas” underneath the surface) in upstate New York, you can forget about it, we are going full throttle and I don’t give a damn about what those pinko communist tree huggers have to say about it, it means good jobs to the good people of New York, and so what if a couple of kids get deathly ill from all of those chemicals, who knows, maybe some of ‘dose chemicals are good for ya’s, and maybe if we stopped whining so much about the environment, we would get back to being a tough nation and ‘dese terrorists would think twice about attackin’ us.  No, we need companies like Halliburton to come in and put up these natural gas wells all over and to hell with the chemicals, in the short term, we are poised to gain record profits, and if a few birds, streams and people die along the way, then so be it, the free market is always right, there are winners and there are losers and I’m tired of New York state being such a loser.”  NPR:  “What are your thoughts on the privatization of Social Security and the Veterans Administration?”  Paladino:  “Like I said before, the free market is the answer to everything, at least that is what my pals down at Goldman Sachs tell me, and I believe them, just look how good they are doing compared to the rest of the losers out there who can’t find a job, they are just a bunch of spoiled citizenry, like the nice lady in Nevada, I think her name is Sharron “Angle”, who is running for the Senate seat out there, said a few days ago.  We need to kick the “American People” in the butt, because they have had it too good for too long, and they have to realize that this thing here, this country, ain’t no charity case, we are the USA and we don’t take lightly to no free lunches.”  NPR:  “What is your stand on the health care LAW?”  Paladino:  “I think it’s a travesty, I think Obamacare is nothing more than another government takeover, just because 30 million Americans are going to get health insurance in the next few years, and just because insurance companies can’t deny people coverage due to pre-existing conditions, as well as the fact that those companies cannot deny children coverage and there is no longer a “lifetime” cap on care, I think if you ask your average American citizens, they would gladly go without health insurance if it means getting our boys back in power in the House of Representatives, for that would mean that we can begin the process of impeachment of the Kenyan Barrack Obama, while we cut spending by 20 percent, to 2008 levels, putting more pressure on local and state budgets, as well as federal budgets, for things like policemen, firemen, infrastructure improvements, teachers, scientists, etc., why do we need all of those things, anyways?  No, the ‘new republican tea party’ is going to clean house and put America back where it should have been all along, controlled by a small, corrupt government that is the pawn of multi-national corporations that should be able to do, say or act in any way that they see fit, that’s the American way…he who has the gold, makes the rules.”  NPR:  “Finally, Mr. Paladino, what would you say to your critics as to your temper and your recent threats of violence?  Do you agree with Ms. Angle of Nevada, where she has called for ’second amendment rememdies’ should the tea party not get their way in the mid-term elections?”  Paladino:   “Ha, ha ha, I see what you are trying to do here, you are trying to get me in trouble by saying what I really think of these progressive, no good communists bastards who are taking over our country, well, seeing this is only NPR and probably won’t get a very high mark on the Neilson ratings chart, I will say my peace.   I think we have every right as true American citizens to stand up for our right to take over the country by any means possible, and if that means “taking some people out”, then so be it.  ‘De forefathers of ‘dis great nation had it right, some 500 years ago, when ‘dey put ‘dat ‘ting in ‘der about the right for our citizens to have guns and defend themselves from the tyrannical powers that be at the moment, like that Pelosi lady out in San Francisco, bunch of queers, and further, if we don’t get our way, I can assure you we can find a way to “take care of them” just like we did at my construction sight and that loud mouth inspector who was giving us such a hard time…”  NPR:  Thank you Mr. Paladino, for this enlightening interview, and good luck with your campaign going forward, I’m sure that the good people of New York will take your barbaric rhetoric into consideration when they go to the ballot box on November 2, 2010.  Please remember to VOTE AMERICA, for this is a PIVOTAL election and although you may be a little less enthusiastic than you were in 2008, rest assured that to vote is to remember that in this country, at this juncture anyway, one person still equals one vote, and just because there is so much stealth money that is being funneled into crooked campaigns via the corporations, your vote is just as important as the now ‘person’ Halliburton’s vote…thank you for listening and have a pleasant day.”  You have a nice day as well, folks and please remember to tell your friends and family to VOTE on November 2, 2010, it is historic, it is paramount, it is your life.     PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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