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November 24, 2014

All Aboard?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the wet, windy and wild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this soggy, blustery, and rather mild day here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront.  A quiet Monday morning to be sure, this 24th day of November, 2014, as many of us fortunate enough to have a home will sit down soon and figure out what’s for dinner on Thursday ’round 4 p.m. in whatever ‘time’ zone you may happen to be living at presently…

Of course, that quiet reflection is not going ‘down’ in Ferguson, Missouri right about now.  With hundred of TV news vans descending upon the normally quiet suburb of St. Louis, awaiting a verdict in the shooting of an unarmed teenager back in August.  Quite?  At least until Officer Darrell Wilson emptied his clip into an unarmed teenager with his hands in the air, begging, “…please don’t shoot!”, leaving his body on the ground for over four hours, while horrified members of the community, CITIZENS of this country, gathered around comparing notes, with seven, count them SEVEN, witnesses coming forward stating that they witnessed what looked to be a cold blooded crime by an officer of the PEACE.  A person put in his position, paid for by the tax payer, to PROTECT and SERVE, not to ‘get some aggressions out’ on some poor, underprivileged African-American boy.

The Grand Jury has been convening for quite some time since that August incident, deliberating on the evidence (all of it, with no direction; the biased prosecution explaining nothing, but hinting with a wink and a nudge that this will be like 99.9 percent of the other fatal police shootings, i.e. no charges filed), with the whole world watching in earnest.

Many protests have been set up along this Arc of the Moral Universe, ‘which is long, but bends towards Justice’, with demonstrations planned in over 80 cities if the verdict goes the way most pundits think it will, resulting in an acquittal that will create a fire storm BECAUSE the mostly peaceful protestors will be met with an army of aggression via a heavily armed police presence, armed to the gills with all kinds of goodies they got from the “Patriot Act”, ‘keeping the peace’ by launching tear gas canisters and dangerous grenades that hold rubber bullets and some kind of chemical that stings the eyes beyond the point of pain, leaving many innocents reeling in the streets as the media ‘no fly zone’ is put in place by the Governor who has already called for a state of emergency so they can tell TV anchors Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC–

“…’there’s nothing to see here folks, the town’s (park) is closed.  The moose outside should have told ya!” (credit the classic film “Vacation”, starring Chevy Chase and the late, great John Candy playing the security guard at the fictional “Wally World”, circa 1983).

The real reason, besides the crime itself, why people in Ferguson and many other communities just like it, are so angry is due to the FACT that most black males in this country are treated as though they are already guilty of some crime.  They feel useless and unwanted.  They feel as though they have no future and are left mostly to fend for themselves, by themselves, hoping to find a path forward with little or no help from a community that is so far divided racially and economically–they see no way out.

Many do turn to crime and drugs, having no choice really as many feel that gangs and the drug selling life is the only ‘way out’.  That is the great blight of our society, our failure to nurture, educate and love our own citizens.  The vast majority are good souls just trying to find a foot hold in a country that is mostly disposable these days, mirroring what they already feel about themselves, thus creating a self fulfilling  prophesy of the vicious cycle of income inequality; GREED being the main culprit eating away at our society at large.  That, and the school to prison pipeline as the for profit prisons make a mockery out of what we once called the ‘greatest nation on earth’.

To keep that title, you have to earn it with DEEDS. Altruistic Actions–acts of random kindness once exemplified by ‘The Greatest Generation’ (WWII vintage), a phrase coined by NBC former anchor Tom Brokaw, who will be receiving the highest civilian honor today from the President of the United States, Barack Obama–the Presidential Medal of Freedom. A beautiful tradition started by OUR 35th President of the United States of America–the beloved and ever people focused--President Jack Kennedy. His own brother’s (Bobby Kennedy) wife, Ethel Kennedy, honored today as well…

Who can say that those harassed youth in Ferguson can make a claim on that word?

Have a nice week a head folks, praying ever for peace not only in Ferguson, Missouri but all around the world.  And a special hope that the towns near Buffalo, New York, digging out from over seven feet of snow, can handle the epic melt down happening right now, as the temperatures outside our studios here at Sea Cape Cod keep rising, now around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, same as it is in upstate New York.  Everyone asking the same question as the rains fall down like gang busters,

‘where is all of that water going to go?’…


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