whale Airborne | Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

June 12, 2009


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Chamois, a rare Polar Bear?  This is actually a friend of mine who is seen here on Dowses Beach literally flying down the sandy, wide open space with absolutely no interest in right wing talk radio.  In fact, when I mentioned the name Rush Limbaugh, he literally sniffed the salty air, gave a big smile and ran the opposite direction with world class speed.  In the past few days, the right wing nut jobs have put this country on high alert–this is due to the five stages of grieving.  They are at the denial stage, the denial of the fact that they are out of their minds…or, even scarier, they actually know that the fear and hate that is spread through the air waves, might actually be a real tactic in promoting a, dare I say, midevil style of politics.  The whole thing reminds me of an overweight 5 year old in the grocery store throwing a fit because he can’t get his 44 ounce “Big Gulp” and assortment of high fructose corn syrup candies.  The reason I have to forgive Rush is not because I comprehend his flagrant lies and dangerous rhetoric, but because I too, have been known to throw a fit if I don’t have my 32 ounce “High C” fountain drink at Cumberland farms and assorted high fructose corn syrup like candy.  Giving a plug to the Corporate convenience store “Cumbies” only proves that I have a heart and that there is hope for the fledgling neo-con hate group–in a revival of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.  We will give the clown responsibility to Rush.  Have a great week end!   Peace M

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