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September 25, 2014


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the soggy, gloomy and raw island of Nantucket! It’s great to be with you on this Thursday afternoon, the 25th day of September. A wet Thursday here at the Hyannis Waterfront, a nice day, as ‘they’ say, to be a duck.  I never really understood that old cliche, as it seems ducks are always wet…oh, I get it.

Ducks aside, there is plenty of war to talk about gosh darn-nit!  The General Assembly of the UN wraps up (in New York) it’s annual meeting soon regarding a myriad of subjects–war, terrorism, war, more war, Ebola, ISIL, Global Warming. But even with the A players in the game yesterday (UN Security Council), very little was accomplished.  Much like the increased ‘awareness’ of domestic violence after the NFL’s dropping of the ball (excuse the pun) by it’s corporate model spokesman, holding the title of ‘NFL Commissioner’, Roger Goodell, the whole thing is pretty much a big waste of everyone’s time.  Goodell overheard saying to an ESPN reporter a wicked facetiously line from the classic Tom Hanks film “Bachelor Party”, circa 1984, when he stated in his best straight man voice and mannerism, to his soon to be very wealthy father in law after a tennis match up at the mansion, “…that’s quite a list Mr. Banks and I know that if I truly apply myself I could be a completely different person by the time we finished lunch…”.

The only path to change is the absence of ANY resistance to it.  Acceptance is the answer to all of my problems today…  The dividing line between reason and insanity all over the world right now should give one pause and take note.  You can’t reason with a crazy person (or groups like ISIL), but you can isolate them and do what the Obama administration is doing with air strikes presently, namely taking out their source of income–OIL.

One commentator/pundit on the “Rachel Maddow Show” last night (airing week nights at 9 p.m. sharp, only on MSNBC--not a paid advertisement) put it this way, and I only slightly paraphrase here--”…there will always be a risk with terrorists attacking us individually here in ‘the homeland’, but there is that risk everywhere in this country, just take a look at the schools and shootings in the inner cities.” I would add to that being black in America today.  As in another shooting that took place a few months back in the great state of Ohio, where yet another young African-American male was shot to death in a Walmart store, while the officer walked away from the Grand Jury without a scratch.

It seems someone, ’saw a black man with a gun’ and called  911, to wit an officer shot him without a thought, seeing the error of his ways a few moments later, when it was revealed the man was just looking at a toy BB gun in the store selling them!  That’s right folks, shot dead once again in America for being BLACK.

Yes, by all means let us rid the world of the evil that IS ISIL.  However, let us not once again blind ourselves via those awesome, bright flashing lights emanating from some lonely battleship… Tomahawk Cruise Missals launched in the deep, dark, depths of night, from vessels anchored somewhere in the Persian Gulf, taking out targets that take our minds off of the “HOMELAND” problems for now.  How are we on that Benghazi thing?  Oh, that’s for 2016?  I forgot, sorry…  Yes, the old “homeland” all us German folks love so.  Love enough to fight this enemy over seas once again…

We have plenty of work to do right here at home.  Do not allow for these terrorists to take over your dinner table with be-headings and threats of ‘world domination’.  Big oil runs the show and don’t forget it.  If you want to know who is really running the world, look no further than Saudi Arabia.  Like a crack addict, America is hopelessly addicted to that three letter word, hence all of the constant attention to the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia treats it’s women citizens like crap and beheads people at will all the time.  Is that not what we are fighting against here?  Yet old King Abdullah will get those poor American soldiers fighting his fight because they are cowards and we are all hopeless addicts who can’t take a hint from Mother Nature.

ISIL is not Hitler’s Third Reich and it never will be.  Obama’s attack on the Al Qaeda affiliate “Khorasan” in Syria the past two nights is more important than trying to take out killers embedded within the the Syrian/Iraqi population, whose bootlegged oil and ransom monies, along with cash from rich oil barons in the region, will keep them hidden and well protected from the drones and F-22’s hovering overhead.  Hopefully quarantined like the poor victims of the Ebola virus in Africa.

Khorasan is a vicious terrorist group made up of tough, seasoned fighters from the good old days of Osama Bin Laden in and around the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  After that area was occupied by the Americans in the not years of this 21st Century, these jihadists made there way West, neatly fitting in that vacuum opened up by the bloody Syrian Civil War that has taken over 200,000 lives thus far.  Moreover, filling in a dispossessed Sunni region left as the Iraq War raged from 2003 to the end of 2011.  Reopening old wounds, when this country thought it had seen the end of that desert landscape forever. However, once again, remember these killers, out to destroy passenger jets bound for the U.S., are few in number and  Obama’s clear and proven successful track record of thwarting terrorism is just a tad better than the Bush Administration.  What say you ‘ore at FOX NEWS Matie?   Not enough ‘terror’ to run out of the house screaming “…the sky is falling! the sky is falling…”.

Chicken Little indeed.

So cheer up everybody.  This is still a beautiful world. AND WORTH SAVING! A world filled with ducks and swans, Great Blue Herons and Cardinals.  And who doesn’t love that?  I know I do!

What’s that?  This just in from FOX “NEWS”…  It seems that the television talk show blowhard on that same horrible channel of propaganda hor$e$hit, Bill O’Reilly, has been seen streaking at the corner of 42nd and 7th Avenue near the Port Authority Terminal in midtown New York City.  Yes, tragic story this, reports have emerged that “Billo the Clown” (as my pal Keith Olbermann, former host of the great TV show “Countdown” always referred to him as when he read his famous ‘Worst Person in the World” award every night on his very funny news hour. An award that often went lovingly to our misguided, dry drunk and angry Irishman, a so called “pundit” on FOX, yes sir give it up for the ‘factor’ himself, Mr. Bill O’Reilly) purchased some white ‘crack like’ substance at said Port Authority and became quite animated after taking some ‘puffs’ from a small glass pipe.  Video cameras proved all later and upon ’smoking it’, went on a ‘journalistic jiahad’ of his own, screaming at passers by about the coming doom Rupert Murdoch is going to lay on the viewers of that fine network, promising Ted Cruz(R), the fabulous Senator from the great state of Texas, would win the presidential election in 2016, ushering in the new and improved “Morning in America”, where we all bow down to the mighty multinational corporate polluters, i.e. ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, Monsanto, Walmart, Massey, Duke, Chevron, Shell, bp, you know, the usual suspects who make money hand over fist with 0 investment in the future of the country they are raping.   It seems at the end of his manic episode, Billo crawled back into his limo, screaming at his driver to “Fuck it, will do it LIVE! And for God Sakes, get me to an AA meeting!”. Sad.

Have a good rest of this day everybody and please take a step back from the whole crazy world (just for a moment) and have a good laugh at our own absurdity at some juncture today.  For it is said in some sacred book somewhere on a mountain of some kind that  “Lo, …Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they will be constantly amused.” I feel very blessed indeed.  SEA you next time right here–same bat time, same bat channel!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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