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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 4, 2009

Air Dynamic

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Al Gore, our 43rd President, told a joke recently on one of his media book tours promoting his newest book on the very real dynamics of global warming, “Our Choice”, and it went something like this…he was talking to John Stewart of “The Daily Show, with John Stewart” and he was wondering how he could get one of our stellar Senators to wake up to the reality of our sick planet and he came up with this idea… He would fill up a big barrel with water and prop it against one of the Senator’s doors.  As the Senator from say, Connecticut, opens said door, the water would rush in and flood his office.  Looking down in dismay at the empty barrel he will notice a note attached reading, “Dear Senator, we are melting…  Love, the Glaciers.”  That pretty much sums it up.  As low intelligence reigns in Washington D.C., so too does the ever increasing carbon foot print of man kind on this beautiful world we live upon.  With the power of denial, ignorance and greed at their disposal, the multi-national conglomerates continue to control the puppets of our nation’s capitol, utilizing some obscure emails to further muddy the waters of the concrete scientific evidence that our planet is slowly melting.  Like health care, the banking “industry”, the war (s), the hunger problem and our insistence on following the enormous egos of men in power taking us to the edge of a cliff, the monumental problem of human activity on planet earth has been relegated to a myth– when in reality is it as far from myth as one can get.  Copenhagen, Denmark is right around the corner and although my words may not reach the ears of men who have the power to change what is happening both here in the United States as well as around the world, I pray that a power much greater than man is listening…for the far right evangelical power brokers have no monopoly on GOD and the grand plan he has for HIS CREATION.  Have a nice week end!  Peace~ M

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