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March 9, 2011

Ahoy Matie!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning here in Osterville, the ninth day of March, 2011, as you take a gander at one of the great schooners from my other favorite island, Martha’s Vineyard, looking like one of the British war ships that came ashore during the Revolutionary War in the latter part of the 18th century, I bid you and yours a fair and fine adieu.  Although one could imagine that it is a corporate war ship that has come to take back America from the people and give it away to the wealthy top one tenth of the top one percent, the owners of said multinational corporations.  Thank God it’s just a “Black Dog” ship, named from the famous restaurant and bakery in Vineyard Haven, where they sell the fabled profile of the Black Labrador retriever on everything from tee-shirts to coffee mugs.  However, the analogy is credible, as we all watch 16 states now follow in the draconian footsteps of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker–crying wolf about state and local budget crisis’s, while they proceed to take away the last bastion of power from the democratic process, namely collective bargaining rights embedded within public unions, and moreover, that VOICE, for the common man and woman in this great land.  Let us go back a moment in time to see what is really going on here.  This financial crisis the country “seems” to be going through right now is real in one sense, Wall Street banks caused the meltdown and shortfall in those state and local budgets, and upon the election results of 2010, and the ushering in of newly elected puppets eager to do their corporate masters bidding, i.e. Scott Walker, the old bait and switch has been implemented in not only Wisconsin, that has received all of the press lately, but also in the states of Michigan, Florida, Ohio, and Indiana, as well as eleven other states soon to be in the news.  What is happening here, historically, can be understood very clearly by reading Naomi Klein’s great book, “The Shock Doctrine”, a must read to understand fully the republican “thirty plus year plan” of privatizing this country via crooked capitalism that is destroying this nation one state at a time.  Take for instance, Michigan, who, like Florida that I will speak of in a moment, has a governor who decided to raise taxes on the poor and the elderly, 1.6 billion dollars worth, under the auspices of “shared sacrifice” and “balancing the budget”, whereupon he then is turning around and giving it all away in the form of tax breaks to large corporations, exactly 1.7 billion dollars worth, leaving the state with the same budget deficit, while corporations gain an even stronger foothold into ruling the political might of Michigan.  Adding more salt to the wound, Governor Rick Synder has now added a provision where he can appoint one person to literally take over a town that may be in trouble financially, dissolving the local government completely, with no questions asked!  Welcome to Germany gov’na! Don’t believe me, google it and become knowledgeable on what is really going on in this here “US of A”.  This is no joke and although Wisconsin WON the war, with Scott Walker’s bid to become the next Ronald Reagan going down in a flames, this country still faces the daunting challenge of REPUBLICORP’s wish list for at least 16 other states, like Michigan and Ohio, where the will of the people may be outnumbered by the will of the lobbyists in Washington D.C., who work there tirelessly for their employers, the multinational corporate owners who pull the levers of change, “changing the course of history”, as Scott Walker said in his fake phone call from David Koch, while scaring the public much like the Wizard did in the famous film, “The Wizard of Oz”, creating scary smoke and loud noises, designed to shock and disorient via fear and misinformation cloaked as “facts”, all from the comfort of his perch behind “the curtain”…until at last, Dorothy pulled that curtain back and said to the old, white man, “this aggression won’t stand man!” A simple test, as proposed by the ever gallant and highly respectable, by anyone with half a brain, journalist Rachel Maddow of “The Rachel Maddow Show”, airing every week night at 9 p.m., EST, only on MSNBC, called the “Rick Scott test”, a test that measures if your quality of life in a state in this great land will get worse due to a ’sound’ economic reality, e.g. oil prices rising in the U.S. due to the speculation market and the low limits to enter that arena, unrest in the middle east that was sparked by one street vendor who was slapped by someone who may have been Scott Walker himself, his middle eastern counterpart, the fact that their are no jobs in this country due to globalization in the form of outsourcing done by the multinational corporations that “hover” over countries for their own gain and their own interests, never really establishing a real relationship with it’s peoples, while they exploit said peoples of all of their natural resources and the human beings themselves, via cheap and immoral labor practices, sucking out every bit of life they can, and as they pull out, they will leave a horrible environmental disaster behind, for they can fight any local lawyers with their deep pockets, or the fact that Wall Street thieves have plundered the pension and 401(k) savings accounts of millions of unsuspecting American citizens in the largest bank fraud in American history, by way of the sub-prime mortgage predatory lending practices that took place in the early part of the 21st century, creating the ‘Great Recession’ that was, of course, world wide because “we” are a global economy.  This predatory lending by big Wall Street banks, and thus, the toxic “assets” of said properties therein, were then bundled and re-bundled in extremely difficult to understand (needing a degree from MIT in advanced math to decipher) financial derivatives, or “credit default swaps”, all 600 Trillion of them, that’s trillion with a capital “T”, and because firms like Goldman Sachs, and “it’s” chairman and CEO Lloyd, “I’m not Bernie Madoff, I swear,” Blankfein fraudulently took bets against those derivatives, all while encouraging many of his clients to BUY them, “can you say jail, Lloyd, sure, I knew that you could”, (credit PBS and the late, great Fred Rogers for that one), yes, for any of these reasons aforementioned, you might buy into the republican’s argument of “our” fiscal crisis in this nation.  But aside from any of these reasons, can you think of any other possible reasons why your, the American person reading this blog, life is not as good as it should be at this late year of 2011? CAN YOU? Enter the “Rick Scott test”.  Notably, because Rick Scott, a newly elected governor, like Michigan’s Governor Snyder, of the great state of Florida, did not just use a state budget deficit to cut funding for public education, “down to the bone and through it”, as Rachel put it, no, he didn’t say our state budget is so bad I’ve got to cut education in order to save it, no, the “Rick Scott test says, “the reason your state budget is in such a mess in not due to the bad economy, it’s because you have a BAD GOVERNOR!”  The reason, again according to Rachel, the reason he gets the bad governor test named after him is because Rick Scott found a way to make huge devastating cuts to education in a way that does not help the state’s budget at all!  Rick Scott has just introduced his new budget in the state of Florida, taking 1.75 billion dollars out of the public schools and instead of giving that money back to the budget, thus “balancing it”, he turns around and GIVES IT AWAY to corporations and property tax breaks (for the wealthy Palm Beach property owners).  So, K-12 education gets “absolutely eviscerated” in the state of Florida and the money that is saved, the money no longer being spent on the schools, doesn’t go to close the state budget gap at all, but instead gives the saved money away as tax cuts to wealthy corporations and their owners who pay all of their taxes to the tax shelters located in the Cayman islands.  In other words, paying nothing in federal income taxes at all.  So, again, as Rachel so perfectly put it, “you get all of the pain, with none of the gain.” Is your state about to become a much worse place to live in because of a budget shortfall, or is your state about to become a much worse place to live in because it’s just what your governor WANTS!  Or, more to the point, what the coming PLUTOCRACY wants. “It’s the Rick Scott test, it’s empirical tax cuts for dummies…!!!” Kudos and BRAVO Rachel Maddow!  In the immortal words of the late, great comic genius Graham Chapman of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, a product of the British Empire–“Yes, this theory of yours Anne, well, you seemed to have hit the nail right on the head.” Have a wonderful day folks and congratulations to the WISCONSIN 14! May the Grace of God continue to be with you and your families, we are all very heartened and proud of you ALL! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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