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February 21, 2018

AHOY! (matey…)

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Memorandum #88 (top secret)


February 21, 2018

weather: mild misty fog, low fifties and quite breezy…

location: a secret, luxurious, highly fortified sea view compound on the fabulous island of Nantucket!

To: Members of ‘The Order of the Garter’, high ranking members of The Bilderberg Group, The Rothchild’s, The Rockefeller’s, The Council on Foreign Affairs, The World Bank, The UN, well, you get the picture, please, ’share’ with other “Illuminates” won’t you?

From: William Montague III
(country gentleman)

Greetings and high salutations from Cape Cod and those fabulous islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, AHOY!  In honor of ‘president Trump’ of the U.S., I am ‘tweeting’ this memo to the aforementioned folks above, literally and figuratively, who may need a little boost from one of their brothers who is on sabbatical in the wilds of this little sand bar that ‘time’, ha, ha, forgot.

Indeed, take heart dear illuminated ones of means, the hour is nigh, for it is I, Sir William once again, sending you this coded ‘message in a bottle’ to let you know ‘OUR’ “Agenda” (21,30) is well under way. Take this last staged event in Parkland, Florida. Well done! You have ‘em marching to Washington. Splendid!  But, let’s not stop at the Second Amendment shall we? No sir! Let’s talk about those wonderful vaccines that are doing ‘god’s work’, yes sir!  I mean how can we go wrong with ‘the boy next door’, billionaire, and seemingly harmless soft ware guy Bill Gates doing such ‘a good job with them aforementioned shots from hell’? Who needs more evidence of it’s ’safety’?   Autism, what Autism?  Ah, ‘Peace and Security’, a magical mantra, a spell cast so well back in New York City’s “tragic” 2001. Would you not agree? Yes, these are fun and quite exiting “times” to be alive! It’ a good thing we are banning the Bible, for that darn book nailed this whole conspiracy to the letter!  And if they only knew there is a much better way via that ‘man’ who walked the Earth over 2000 years ago, well, we would not be having this correspondence now would we?

We have to remember who runs the show here in this ‘plane of existence,’ that’s right Satan himself.  It is he who controls the air and the air waves, hence the propaganda, the blatant lies, the sinister steering of the masses into a belief system they cannot get out of, for they know not they are in it to begin with.  ‘Immersed in it’s world, it’s so hard to find us, it shapes our minds the most.’ God, I love that quote from Irish Rock Band “U2″ during their early nineties “Zoo TV Tour”.  Nailed it!  The ‘news’ is so well done today, ALL of it, world wide, controlled, written and acted out so well by the likes of “ABC’s” robotic David Muir, regurgitating an approved, homogenized, hypnotic, hilarious Machiavellian script with “Oscar” deserved delivery.  Jesus knows, it writes itself.   They gobble it up like GMO tainted Captain Crunch, more addictive than Crack, peddled and pushed onto the streets of America starting in L.A.! Is that not right my brothers and sisters at the CIA? The “American people” will buy anything they SEA on the dreadful hypnotic tell a lie vision ’shows’ designed to put them in a trance, programmed day in and day out what to think, what to believe and what to do!

FEMA camps?  What a good idea!  Let’s go!

The ’smart’ phone has only exponentially fast tracked the ‘end game’ of creating a populace of zombies who take their ‘medication’ and vote for puppets who do the will of you and yours truly. It’s a dream come true!  Thank you Lucifer! The new 5G compact microwaves that will saturate the whole world will cook the masses before they can gain traction to SEA what the hell all of this radiation is actually doing to them and their families. Make ‘em too sick to fight back!  Too dumbed down to notice or care…  The chemicals we are spraying on them from on high will only enhance this frequency of submission, and physical sickness, all while we dazzle them with coming technological attractions such as ‘Project Blue Beam’, or the latest variation/improvement to our Wizard of Oz ruse! We be turning their New World Order virtual reality into a nightmare…


The introduction of the Lucent Technology (and other corporations), “RFID” chip is intriguing.   Hive mentality, that’s the ticket!  Most will take it happily, indeed, seek it out, as it follows along the “I phone‘must have mentality.’ A slave to fashion, yes?  A slave to Madison Avenue and the wizards that produce this voodoo that you do so well!  However, looking around at the drab lot of use less eaters, one must conclude that a gene must have been omitted somewhere along the cave man family line…

Ever pushing war, scarcity, famine, disease, violence and constant negativity on this electronic block chain gang, we have most human beings on this Earth believing it is end of days. In fact, many hoping for it!  Keeping those masses in Plato’s cave, despairing, alone, hungry and hopeless. Thus, one has only to push a little harder on that ultimate false flag front to have the whole of the world’s population under one thumb of ultimate, tyrannical, crushing, cunning, calculating CONTROL!

And won’t that be a happy day?

Hugs and Kisses!
“Bronco” Billy

c.c. Jared Kusher

666 5th Ave., NY, NY 10103

p.s. bang up job with the “D-Wave” quantum computer summoning all them demons from different dimensions; AI rules by 2030! Can you say, “…human being phased out, to become obsolete?”

Sure, I knew that you could…


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