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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 7, 2018

Age of Reason?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the gray, cool, calm, soon to be howling rain/wind driven island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this gloomy Wednesday morning, The Seventh Day of March, 2018; bracing for yet another Nor’easter barreling up the East Coast, with possible hurricane force winds again and heavy rain expected by evening. Of course you knew that, being all informed by the oppressive force of full press propaganda poetry coming at ya LIVE every night from New York City!

…where the best hor$e$hit is spawned.

Censorship of TRUTH is on full display in this so called modern 3D society we are all seemingly living in. A true matrix of thought has devolved the human race into parrots who sing the praises of the technology which enslaves them.

Take, for example, the two biggest platforms for alternative media on this devlish world wide web, 666; Facebook and YouTube. In this year of 2018, the hammer has fallen on many channels of the latter, while the former now frowns on anyone expressing any view that is outside of the scripted (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), excrement one is forced to digest 24/7 in this lunatic fringe that has been agreed upon by the Elite to CONTROL the masses. The so called ‘fake news’ is not fake at all, and many a so called ‘truther’ (or conspiracy theorists by the ignorant and the perpetrators of this crime against humanity), are just like you and me, they actually CARE. Unlike some over paid putz like ABC’s “World” News Tonight, anchor David Muir, who will tell you all about the plane crash with a gleam in his EYE…

You know, those who wish to wake up their brothers and sisters to the light of said truth, encouraging them to take their power back and not participate in the grand psychological operation perpetrated by the deep state and power brokers who wish to completely run the world by (Agenda) 2030.  Agenda 21/30 is no joke, nor is the so called “New World Order”. The “Georgia Guidestones” spell it out in eight modern languages, ten commandments if you please, capped in four ancient dialects, with the first being:

“…maintain human population under 500,000,000.”

Need this humble reporter say more?

Turn off your PROGRAMMED tell a lie vision, throw your ’smart phone’ into the deep, blue ocean, stop eating GMO laced foods, but above all, believe in the words of one man who walked this Earth 2000 years ago. For it is in His Word that all will be.  Lust not after this world, but rather pray you are worthy of the next. Follow the Love of God, and His Good Word.  Take not the imitation of the Devil. The book the ‘powers that be’ (at the moment!), are most afraid of is the most popular book ever written, as well as the most High and Powerful. In it all will be revealed, and all will come to pass…

That’s why it is now banned in government sponsored indoctrination centers, i.e. tainted public schools, all while jolly old Satan moves into the vacuum.

Stay vigilant, stay strong, stay sane!


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