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February 9, 2012

Against the Wind

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sun drenched winter wonderland of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, the ninth day of February, 2012, a stunningly gorgeous one out at this ten a.m. hour on Cape, Cotuit to be precise, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, as it has cleared up to be quite a day reserved normally for postcards or Pulitzer prize winning photographers.  Of course, today, the image you see above is not of the early morning fog and newly freshened snow on the ground, but a Polar Bear who must have gotten loose somehow on Dowses Beach in Osterville, one of my adopted homes on Cape Cod, and it looks as if he is most definitely facing his little head ‘Against the Wind’ (credit rocker Bob Seger) and wondering what the hell is going on with mankind as his entire ecosystem, the whole North Pole, disappears from the face of planet earth.  Yes, indeed we all might asking that same question this polar bear is asking himself today, what with the republican class war against everything sane going on ‘n all…today’s episode, the ‘travesty’ of allowing Catholic hospitals and universities to include, as it always has, an essential WOMAN’S right, contraception, or, more to the point, control over her own body.  Yes, it is now a big ‘issue’ with some people of ‘faith’, who proceed to push some of those extreme ‘faiths’ down everyone else’s throat, yes, these some of these people of ‘faith’, of which I most certainly AM, being a life long Catholic, want the world and all of the voting public here in the good ‘ole US of A, to know that big, bad old Obama is forcing ‘big government’ once again down every one’s other collective throat, deeming that somehow, LAWS don’t apply to certain faiths and thus are exempt from them.  Fine, you don’t have to use those services, if you happen to work at a Catholic hospital and are Catholic as well, ignore them!  It should not be taken away from those, however, who are not of your practicing faith, who work at the same hospital, to not be allowed full access to the new Affordable Health Care LAW benefits that do require contraception services to be offered in full.  For how can WE discriminate against one group, while claiming that mantle of the separation of church and state, a very fine line indeed if you ask any Constitutional lawyer, such as Professor Turley of George Washington University.  The point is, the actual church has been given those exemptions already, and thus, that ‘compromise’ is already quite clear for all to see.  Is this more about population control than the mysticism of LIFE itself?  Such as when does conception really begin, you know, that ‘God’ component…?  Do you know Mr. Boehner?  If you find out, tweet US here on the planet earth, for we have bigger fish to fry than this nonsense!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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