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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 6, 2009

African Violet

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A flower that blooms only once a year is always a messenger of joy.  Like the spring that follows the cold and snowy winter, this flower that I have had in my bathroom for 3 years now has always come back.  Even though it’s size is “less than” the other flowers in the garden and moreover, perhaps not as grand in size or color, it is very powerful.  In it’s simplicity and purity of extending one of God’s greatest gift to all of us, namely life itelf and the pure joy of being, this little flower shows that love by extending itself year after year.  Some may say it is to attract bees so as to pollinate, and yes, that is true.  Yet, it is also true that there is much more to the story than that simple scientific observation.  If you look deep within the miracle that this flower and every flower, tree, shrub and animal that share our world with us embody, you may just find that you too are that miracle of God’s love, for if God is Love and you are a part of God, would it not stand to reason that we are all truly one within God’s green earth?  Further, would it not stand to logic that if we are all one, then there is no need for conflict.  Without conflict, the Will of God is allowed to grow within each and everyone of us, opening us all up to give Love unconditionally and receiving Love without fear.      On this rain soaked day here on the Cape, I wish you a happy Tuesday and may God’s love always be with you, for it is you already if you choose to accept it and reject doubt and fear which are at the heart of all illusions and therefore not real.      Peace M

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