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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

January 8, 2021


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dark, mystical, magical, miraculous, star lit, crescent leaning moon shining, cold, calm, cashmere sweater cozy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Friday morning, Eighth Day of January, 2021, another brilliant cosmic light show outside this ‘humble’ reporter’s window on famous Ocean Street in lovely, historic, quite quiet hub of Hyannis…


Evil, Occult scripted, funded fake news has won the day, presently, convincing America the ’siege’ on U.S. Capitol building, on January 6th, 2021, was ‘incited’ by U.S. President Donald J. Trump, after he spoke and held a rally to protest, peaceably, the ‘Grand Auto’ theft of the 2020 U.S. election in November, now ‘certified’ by Congress and U.S. traitor VP Mike Pence. Yes indeed, this scum bag propaganda whore $hit show called ‘the news’ in America has duped millions of real, live moms and dads, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, girls and boys, men, women and children into ‘thinking’ (that’s the media’s job, right Mika B of MSLSD? you freak!), this was real;

not staged!!!

Capitol police waved the ‘mob’ into the Capitol, it’s on tape!, orchestrating a fabulous photo op for the whole world to SEA! Outstanding videography I might add, pouring the gasoline onto a fire that will most likely lead to the ushering in of America’s new normal sooner than later;


CCP style baby!

Just ask whore (on the take from CCP China to the tune of $$$…), California Governor Gavin, “it’s me baby!”, Newsom, or the scary wicked Witch of the West, Nazi Pelosi, they’ll tell ya!  “Nazi”–whose parities are all in a bunch this morning, for the coke just ran out and Juan is not there to go down to the Tenderloin District to score some more crack.  Plus, she’s fresh out of booze, so now she has to call Poncho to replace all the broken bottles of Wild Turkey, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels that were smashed to bits by Antifa, I mean tax paying Trump supporters, who were led in by the orchestrators of this satanic SNL skit–can’t wait to put every last one of you anti-vaxxer’s in a FEMA camp, you betcha!

Nazi Pelosi, newly elected ‘at gun point’ “Speaker of the House”, was blotto as usual, blind drunk and belligerent, seething, stumbling and bumbling about, quite violently swinging her pure Grey Goose vodka Martini, dirty, back and forth as she takes giant snorts of a white powdery substance on a very expensive ‘magic mirror’ (”Mirror, mirror on the wall, W.H.O. has the nastiest EYE brows of them all?”), she took down from ‘the wall’ in their emergency luxury ‘bunker’, lashing out at her only drinking/drugging buddy she has left on Capitol Hill, the swamp creature from the Black Lagoon, holier than thou Jewish Democrat Senator from New York Chuck, “I’d sell my mother for a Nickle”, Schumer…,

“God Dammit Chuck, I want Trump’s head on a pike!  I want him out of office by High Noon today, you got that Schumer, you worthless, greedy little Jew bag!  He still has 13 days left, he could do anything!  Did you SEA what they spray painted on my 11th house (out of 14), in San Francisco?  It was so disturbing, calling me a whore, a witch, a monster, I can’t relive it, do you have that crack pipe?  God I need a hit.  Hand me that bottle of Chardonnay too… It’s warm, Thanks Chuck you ugly bastard, fuck it.  Pretty soon the ‘vaccines’ (Nazi let’s out a wicked high screeching cackle that would make broom Hilda blush), will start to wipe out these ants, these creatures called our ‘constituents’ (both Nazi and “Chucky” releasing maniacal, demon like sounding belly cackles), melding man with machine, transhumanism, turning them all into a patented GMO;

bending their will towards our ends…

ironically there’s too!”

All the World’s a Stage;

and we are merely players…


Agenda 21/30, COVID-19/The Great Reset/UN ‘Sustainable Development Goals’/CCP global communism;



Is this what you voted for in November? Its not? Too late slave!

“Ore” didn’t Chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab send you the memo from Davos, Switzerland?

Pity that.

Have a nice day!


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