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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 30, 2020


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Greetings serfs, peasants, little people, sheep, slaves, ‘Tis I, Lord William Montague III, hijacking that dreadful Mike Mosier’s Sea Cape Cod.net once again on this Wednesday morning, The Thirtieth Day of December, 2020, sending high, salty, saucy, sexy salutations from my Gulf Stream taxing down one of ACK’s (Nantucket Airport), runway, taking off to Switzerland.  Davos, Switzerland. Indeed, jetting off to the Alps for New Years’ Eve to meet up with my dear friend and colleague, Herr Klaus Schwab, whom you will become very familiar with in this coming new year of 2021…

Him and the ushering in of our New World Order some might find offensive, whereas I, well, had everything to with.

On this eve of New Years Eve–pray you hear these words bellowing at you from well above you and yours–elevation? 35,000 feet, flying due East baby, ‘come fly with me come fly come fly away!--2020 was just the warm up, get ready for the main event.

Panic setting in!

As predicted by that rascal “Schwabby”, Chairman of the World Economic Forum, regarding this ‘new strain’ of our designer, never isolated, “CoV-2″ or “CON”VID 19(84) pandemic that never was;

except within the confines of your overworked, overstressed, under loved, burnt out, brainwashed, and hopelessly obtuse minds, ever living in a state of fear and anxiety, right where we want you to be.

For our ’slow frog boil’ roll out of our ingenious foil, a deadly, virus/mRNA DNA self assembling nanobot delivery injection system is by design, for with the pronouncement that ‘COVID-19′ ‘vaccinations’, or certificate of vaccination identification, will ‘protect’ one from this ‘new strain’ will force many, via their own fear, into taking the ‘jab’ my pals in the press love to say, that and ‘get needles into people’s arms, top notch, top notch! Indeed, as our 5G intensification continues to ramp up, radiation poisoning symptoms mirroring that of ‘COVID’-19/21, conflated with the vast, devilishly deadly assortment of ’side effects’ oozing from our generous selection of ‘vaccines’ to choose from, we are quite confident–I know Bill Gates and his wife Cullinda are any W.H.O.-we will meet or exceed ‘Deagel.com’’s forecast for the U.S. population dropping by 90 percent by the year 2025.  God, I love it when an evil plan comes together, don’t you?  This all sounds about right,

a percentage here and a percentage there…

I want to take this opportunity whilst flying in my luxurious jet plane, to wish all my partners in high crimes against humanity, Dr.’s Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, of course Bill and Cullinda (the malevolent one!), Gates, not to mention all of those fat bottomed girls and boys out there in our globalized, corporate hell scrapes, government, medical, law enforcement, you get the idea…

All bowing down to Zod!

W.H.O. take orders from their immediate supervisor without question, and follow them to the letter, forever compartmentalized, threatened, blackmailed, bribed and the like, living a hallowed out life in eternal digital bliss;

…you make the rock and roll world go round!

To the rest of you lovers of ‘the truth’, we own it! We hold all patents, licenses, etcetera, so hear this, per George Orwell’s ‘fiction’ “1984″;

‘The Ministry of Truth’ deals in lies (news, entertainment, education and fine art), ‘Ministry of Plenty’ deals in starvation, ‘Ministry of Love’ deals in torture, ‘Ministry of Peace’ with war.

Got it?

We will tell you what think, where to live, where you can go, how to live, how to think,

dare I say, what

to dream…

A special thanks to my other dear friends of the dark, “Netflix”, Lucifer’s favorite ’streaming’ ‘app’, Los Gatos, California never looked so good!  The fabulous “Death to 2020″ was, to quote Goldie Locks, of ‘the Three Bears fame,

“…just right.”

Samuel L. Jackson adding that extra Illuminate I don’t give a fuck zip, well played sir!

Resistance is futile!

Seig Heil!

Love and Kisses!

Ta Ta!

Lord William Montague III

(country gentleman)

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