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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 4, 2020

Absolute Power (4.0)

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, drying, dreary, deeply depressing island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Fourth Day of May, 2020, an extremely quite, greyish, balmy Monday morning, broadcasting, as always, thanks for tuning in by the way, yes, indeed, as always coming at ya LIVE from famous Ocean Street, where the bikers rally around the Korean Memorial, as the tourists take in the magnificent John F. Kennedy Memorial, both overlooking the beauty of Hyannis’ outer Harbor flowing gently out into Nantucket Sound…



Didn’t mean to sucker punch Nantucket, for I truly love that island and all the locals therein, police included, no, I meant ‘depressing’ because it IS!  Small businesses like “Four Winds” gift shop, nestled up on Main Street amidst the 17th Century cobblestones and old whale oil (gas) lanterns adorning what could be called the coolest little town in America, lo, these tiny mom and pop shops will, like other 10 and under employee boutiques around the country, making up for 50 percent of all small businesses nationwide, a huge chunk of the national GDP, indeed these gems of the SEA like aforementioned “Four Winds” will soon capsize into the cold Atlantic Ocean, vanishing like the old, brutal, evil whaling industry that made this island 27 miles south/southeast of where I write these words, in a word,


Those days are long gone, now, it makes up for what it lost in billionaires who own most of the property, erecting giant mansions and flying in on private jets.  Before the crisis hit, businesses had the opposite problem they do now, they couldn’t get jobs filled.  Booming business from Madaket to Sconset, but no one to grind the grist mill, for no one had a reasonable place to live due to high rents and availability.  Of course, this is all mute now, and as the table turns on these wonderful expressions of American life as we once knew it, we will experience what is in store for US next, humanity’s best offerings of business replaced by giant corporate monopolies that further Agenda 21/30 and the ultimate goal of, wait for it,


What scares these Trillionaires–the real powers presently that control the world and everybody and everything in it–the most?

In a few words;

organized, uncensored, intelligent, dedicated, truthful free speech..

Translating into a power shift, taking that true dynamic of power away from the occult, the cabal, the illuminate if you please, ‘the Order of the Garter’, the New World Order, the 1/100 of the 1%, and giving it back to the PEOPLE. And we all know that ain’t happening any time soon!  Mind blowing wealth that is amassed and controlled so as to control the masses,

who are virtually and in reality,

working slaves.

This pandemic has been the perfect cover for what is to come next.

People are now herded like cattle, literally, not just figuratively anymore.  Herded with prison like markers of where to stand, how far to stand from one another, all while wearing a scary mask, dehumanizing US ALL.  Indeed herding from the grocery store to the airport to the beaches into the reality of frightening isolation, for some, a dark journey into the deep recesses of their own minds!  They are brainwashed zombies who follow anything the mass media propaganda stations will dish out, let alone the ‘papers’ who issue the script, handed down from ‘on high’, convincing all to follow this crazy concept of ’social distancing’, cutting people off from the one’s they would most like to be with.  Hiding a smile, refusing a kiss, losing out on a hug.  Creating a captive, fearful, isolated ‘individual’ who is easily manipulated, MK Ultra mind fucked and ultimately dumbed down enough where he/she does not even realize they are trying the cull the population.

Mass famines will ensue world wide as this curiously timed ‘virus’ takes out the food supply, along with the global economy as a whole, with food banks in America already facing the daunting task of feeding those masses in the next few months, but even if it does go well, where does that leave the country’s store of real, nutritious food stuffs as a whole for the foreseeable future?



Please dear sir, save US! Bring US forced vaccines that could kill US! We don’t care!

We just want things to be safe and normal again, right?


That’s the reaction we were looking for sir!  WE have a solution for you and yours matey!  And it goes something like every predictive programming movie you have ever seen on steroids.

Remember stack ‘em and pack ‘em mega cities?  Remember ‘The Hunger Games’? Remember 5G military weaponized grade A radiation 24/7/365!?  Satalittes beaming this high octane frequency to every corner of the ‘globe’.  A far out frequency suicide soup that could kill a cow. Militarized police?  Drones with killer qualities?  GMO ‘food’, chalk full of nutritious ‘Round Up’ weed killer, killing gently via silent genocide since 1965 in Vietnam;

giddy up cowboy!

The Georgia Guidestones?

“Hello, McFly!  Is this thing on?

Think McFly, think!”

(credit: the classic 1985 film, “Back to the Future!”, starring the great Michael J. Fox)

A movie, whose fourth installment predicted Trump would become the President of the United States of America.

Don’t give up your own absolute power folks!

You are far more powerful than you might think!

Have that powerful, pioneering, prosperous, prayerful week ahead ‘y’all!


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