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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 24, 2010

Above Board

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I pray the weather is stable wherever you may find yourself this morning…  Washington D.C. will once again be center stage as we get ready to, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”, for the second time this young year…  Predictably, the P.O.N. is busy doing the bidding of their puppet masters as we all listen to the double speak of the now famous “party of no”.  The Party, Das Parte, will go down in history as one of the worst examples of modern day “democracy”, chalk full of hate, fear, greed and lust for power.  The transparency of these so called “leaders” is astonishingly clear to the trained eye, and yet they hold a great deal of power over the general electorate with the misinformation, strike that, lies that spill over their lips on a daily basis.  The corporate agenda is heating up, and with the Citizens United case under their belts (allowing corporations to give unlimited amounts of money to candidates who will do their masters bidding), the P.O.N. has two big fights on their docket–first, filibuster any “liberal” candidate for the Supreme Court vacancy left by the outgoing Justice Stevens who will be retiring soon.  Second, to water down the financial reform bill to the point where the largest banks remain untouched, keeping the culprit of the financial meltdown (derivatives/credit default swaps) largely unregulated and still in the dark.  Accomplishing these two goals will result in a smoother sail through the tumultuous waters of the 2010 elections.  The main goal of the P.O.N. is to use the “tea party” (a loose organization of mostly white males from the south who are not poor, with many retired and whose sole contributors are corporations like Koch industries, a big oil conglomeration) for muscle and intimidation–all while keeping the waters as muddy as possible, so as to pick up as many seats in the House and Senate as possible.  This will result in more log jams in congress, and the hope is that most of Obama’s agenda will be weaker as a result, paving the way for a takeover of the White House in 2012.  The problem with this strategy, Mr. Frank Luntz (one of the “physicians” in the group known as “the word doctors”– a republican strategy group), is that you are NOT THE MAJORITY, and your white supremacist groups will fail for that very reason.  Make no mistake about it, however, these folks are vicious professionals, who will stop at nothing to accomplish their sick agenda–all based on the doctrine–PROFIT OVER PEOPLE! The sad part of this story is that most Americans are good, hard working, honest people, who simply want to live in peace and have the opportunity to earn a living wage.  They wish to raise their families without any fear or hate, yet have been thrown into that mind set by irresponsible men like Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch (AAARRRGGHHHH, MATTIE!).  These creators of FOX NEWS, a subsidiary of the neo-Nazi party itself, have successfully created a world of misinformation that has created a cloud of fog over the entire nation.  It is like a circus.  On the one hand you have the freak show called the “Glenn Beck show”, whose soul contributor (who belongs in a straight jacket) speaks in jiberish and writes on his magic blackboard where he spells out what he really is–a NAZI.  This is, of course, psychology 101, whereupon the individual projects what he fears and most often is himself… How many times have you heard stories of Glenn Beck calling our President a Nazi?  Where do you think the idea to put a Hitler mustache on President Obama came from?  A NAZI!  I have said it once, and I will say it again, the bigger the bullhorn, the muddier the waters.  In essence, the problem lies within the airwaves themselves and, moreover, who owns the rights to them.  When you have a company called “Clear Channel” owning hundreds of radio stations across the country and can manipulate the programming therein, you have the makings of a propaganda machine that is hard to stop.  This is the core problem with communication in this country.  Heavy on the “conservative nonsense” and light on PBS.  Well, it should, if nothing else, be interesting political theater.  Have a wonderful week end folks!  Peace~ M

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