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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 16, 2021

“Abbey something…”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, soggy, boggy, saturated, wicked windy, mild, magical, magnificent, majestic island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a foggy, misting, howling rain fest here on famous Ocean Street in lovely, historic Hyannis, where ‘reality star Czars’ are born everyday, just ‘fact check’ it!


same thing.

Make sure you go out and get a new Amazon “Halo” extra creepy big brother Orwellian watch that will tell you how to think and how to talk as well as alerting you when you are not being honest perhaps?  Where do I sign up?

I just hate having to ‘think’ for myself!

Oh bloody well right, can’t you SEA, I ‘think’ you are being ‘critical’ of ‘me’!

Ask Space X and Tesla founder/owner Elon Musk about the brain chip/neural lace,

he’ll tell ya!


Evil is good,

Good is evil.

“”I” gore, when you were in the lab, when you were searching for a brain, what was the name on the glass jar?”


“Abbey something…”

“Abbey W.H.O.”?

“Abbey Normal.”

(Gene Wilder, “Dr. Frankensteen“, then grabs “Igor” and begins chocking him, screaming, “are you telling me that we just put an abnormal brain in an 800 pound Gorilla!  Is that what you are telling me?”)

Up is down, black is white, and wrong is right in this zany, madcap, kooky, whacky, bat $hit crazy world we find ourselves having to deal with day in and day out.  Zombies walking around with masks on robbing them of oxygen while damaging the little brain power they may have left, begging to have them kind medical monsters give me one of them, ‘those shots in arms’, yep, ready to jump off a cliff at any minute! Look at me, I’m a moron can’t you SEA?


Look and me!

I’m  Hero!

I got me ‘vaccine’ for FREE!

I’m blindly JUMPING INTO the abyss OF DEATH!

Ever following dear Father, ‘esteemed’, infamous criminal immunologist of the decades, “Fast Eddy” to his friends, “Dr.” Anthony Fauci’s flip flopping, confused, by design, “bad idea GENES” advice in taking an experimental pathogen delivery envelope that is, again, designed to cull the herd if you please! Lo, I be lettin’ ‘em jab poisons into me body, an mRNA Hydrogel, I think a be feelin’ a wee bit shoddy…

A Luciferance, nanobotic, satanic synthetic stew, designed to kill you! Indeed, a programmable mRNA pathogen manufacturing site with ingredients from W.H.O. knows where!


Welcome to the new ‘Abbey Normal’ (credit: the film, circa 1974, “Young Frankenstein”, starring Marty Feldman, Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Cloris Leachman, Terri Garr), give it up for ZEE New World Order folks! Step right up and get them ‘vaccines’ while you still can! That is to say, with this new ‘variant strain’ from the UK and,

‘…what did the script, I mean AP say, South Africa was it? What I’m trying to say folks is supply is short and so                          is me temper! So stop listenin’ to them conspiracy ‘theorists’ and stand in line in the freezing man made rain, with the rest of your mutt family and mutt friends, stop ‘researching’ them ‘ADR’s’ (adverse drug reactions),  and take that mRNA life changing (ending) jab for America!

God Dammit!’

Some sad shill congresswoman, from a pathetic poisonous political body with no teeth, or person, has put forth the newest Orwellian twist to this Cabal nightmare’s being played out in real ‘time’, indeed, it seems ‘ole George Orwell’s book, circa 1949, “1984″, is coming to life in this fine year of 2021!

The new “Ministry of Truth”, overlord of lies and deceit, will become that ‘new double speak’, double think, double your pleasure with double mint gobbledygook. They already have your head spinning so fast many are not even aware what day it is, thus, are starving, literally and figuratively, for answers that will never come, for God gave us each other to work ‘this all out’, and our brothers and sisters still serving their dark masters cannot and will not SEA that,

light, that truth, that fact.

It truly is ‘WE the People” that matter, not some oligarch, mafia boss, elite banking scum bag pedophile, a bought and sold puppet politician who is most likely a master criminal.

Take back your LIFE!

So, question ‘authority’, do not allow ‘them’ to ‘think’ FOR you!



“Seek and ye shall find!”


Be in the NOW, be aware,


…starting with your BREATH!

Have a splendid day!


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