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February 25, 2021

A Trojan Horse

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden dawn glowing, serene, silent, serendipitous island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a balmy Twenty-Fifth Day of February, 2021, a Thursday according to Reuters, hoping you and yours are riding out this insane nefarious man made roller coaster most do not even know they are riding…


Greg Gutfeld–one of the talented hosts on FOX’ ‘The Five’, 5 p.m. eastern, and ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show’ ten p.m. Saturday–must have prescient powers, either that or he has a firm grasp on reality, on the obvious.

For as we all know, the truth, like a fit, wild, young African male Lion,

does not need defending…

You can continue to lie to ‘the American people’ you are stabbing in the back, via all your Goebbels like Nazi/CCP propaganda hor$e$hit all day, it still does not change the fact these ‘vaccine’ pathogen Trojan Horse backdoor delivery envelopes are going to kill millions of people world wide, perhaps even billions if they get their wish.

If they get away with it!

In fact, Johnson and Johnson, ‘the baby powder people’, how sweet! just announced it’s ready to be a hero too! Yep, this new monster just received it’s fraudulent FDA emergency approval for it’s version of the final solution, as this nation will soon be swimming in a SEA of a malicious, ‘malevolent’ monstrous mRNA Frankenstein ‘Abbey Normal’ concoctions, 400 million by July, yippie!!! Obsessed with said final solution already laid out for them masses to claim.

“Author! Author! Author!”

This horrible, power hungry, demonic, greedy big pharma corporation is claiming it’s ONE DOSE SHOT, is (new monster shots in arms ), are? 100% effective in preventing hospitalizations or death!!! What the fuck does that even mean? So if you get the shot, you are a hundred percent guaranteed you won’t need to go to a hospital or a graveyard any time soon? That’s great!  I bet Pfizer and Moderna are jealous, but as one of them politicians talking to the good folks watching that ‘ole “TV” say,

“…it don’t matter none what brand of poisonous jab you get dummy! Heeyuck!  ‘Cause it don’t matter none W.H.O.’s lethal injection shot in them arms you get god dammit, just get the fucking vaccine already will you?  We wanted you and yours dead yesterday, can’t you understand that you filthy, poor, ugly, inbred, scum bags!”

(credit: a hot mic of West Virginia Governor James Conley, a real piece of work…)

Alas, I digress, we were discussing one of “The Last of the Mohicans”, Greg Gutfeld, putting those guts back into what once was known as;


As much as his producers will allow, not to mention the brass.

For here is one of the last real human ‘journalists’ to bring a little joy to our ‘electronic’ lives with his wit, humor, courage, sarcasm, fire and overall prescience on that All Mighty “TV”, oh boy!

Although he cannot call out what these ‘vaccines’ really ARE and what they are designed to DO, he did make this remark yesterday, sharing his deep disappointment on ye ‘ole ‘FIVE’ that they did not continue on with the never ending ‘breaking news’ of Tiger’s car crash in California a couple days ago, stating quite bravely,

“…why didn’t we spend more time today on Tiger’s little crash? Where yesterday we spent an entire hour of our lives during the whole bloody show covering an automobile accident when millions of people in this nation are suffering badly, are you kidding me?, commercial free I might add, Jesus!

All while this fake smokescreen ‘pandemic’-A Trojan Horse-is finally coming to it’s final solution, I mean fruition, with the, the, the, the ‘vaccines’, or lethal injections, lo, he broke his tibia and foot, it’s not a big blow, and it’s not a national fucking emergency! Yes, with everything else that is going down right now, we are going to spend ‘all of this air time’ talking about a has been golfer that no one really cared about after he kicked the $hit out of his wife, had a drug problem, and then was basically forgotten, but because he’s black oh boy, he’s conflated with Kobe Bryant and any other God like figure the stupid people of America  worship.  It’s all about the ratings, it’s all about the fucking money, it’s all about when he miraculously came back and won the “Masters” as a clone!!!

Bravo, corporate media prostitutes! Your political correctness is over the top and must be stopped before this country no longer resembles those stars and stripes millions of real men and women died defending for your and yours, indeed, making that ultimate sacrifice so you can be free to burn that flag keeping you free and safe even today.  Shill whores like MSLSD’s “Morning Joke“, and his gal pal Mika B, yikes!, ever defending, defending shill politicians like that monster ‘Speaker of the House’, give it up for Nazi, “90 proof”, Pelosi, who doesn’t give a damn about the working man and woman in this world, but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts she cares about those kids coming over the border…, as she allows them to be trafficked, raped, tortured and murdered.  We live in a cesspool of criminality in Washington D.C. and it’s about time for it ALL to be EXPOSSED!

Stay tuned, and as far as this stupid gig with FOX, the only reason I keep coming is because I love Dana, Jesse, Degan. Emily? and even Juan Williams, who may be in a coma when it comes to reality, but he’s adorable just happy and content, sitting alone in Plato’s cave, believing the shadows he can SEA on the wall are real, not just an Illuminate led,


(your serve brother!)

I want more distraction by gum!

Distractions dummy!


Father “Fast Eddy” Fauci?

“Forget about it!”

Have a super duper day!


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