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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 29, 2009

A Rose By any other name

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As the rains continue unabated here on the Cape, I’m offering a rose in sun.  Yes, a rose by any other name is not a rose.  President Obama’s agenda to straighten out a crooked path that was set a foot by the previous administration got plenty of talk on the Sunday news programs.  The environment is not that important, nor is health care, nor our children’s education, nor our system that rewards the “players” and punishes the down trodden, nor the fact that we don’t make anything in this country anymore besides hot air, nor the growing number of homeless, none of it matters, none of it…according to the blowhards of the Republican Party.  A rose by any other name…it is a shame that the country that we all love, the real one, the one our forefather’s died in battle for, is coming apart at the seams.  The belt way elite, whose pockets are lined with dirty money from the lobbyists of every interest group known to man, are bargaining with the future of this country and our only residence–Mother Earth.  Cap and Trade too much of a compromise for the unenlightened powers that be?  Telling lies on national television– explaining how a public option in health care would be a disaster for this country, as opposed to the lie they would have you believe, that if health care were passed, a bureaucrat would be getting in between you and your doctor.  In truth, the opposite is the case, that is why the insurance companies are lobbying so hard against it.  The way the system is set up now, the private insurance companies’ bureacrats are actually the ones getting in between you and your doctor–that is the TRUTH.  The bigger the bullhorn, the louder the bullhorn, the frequency of the bullhorn’s false message being sent into millions upon millions of homes, spread as truth and filled with fear, is the real problem.  Billionaires who own the airwaves are the culprits.  What would happen if the truth really got out there?  Not the “truth” you hear on the daily Spam commercial called the “NBC National News with Brian Williams,” but the truth told in documentaries that you can find on little known channels such as Link TV or “The Nation” magazine.  Those mediums are so small and their voices so tiny, it is as if Horton heard a Who and turned it over to the Nazis.  The late great Dr. Suess and his tale of an Elephant named Horton whose giant ears heard the voice, however weak, spoke volumes of truth.  His nemesis, the Kangaroo, ordered it, the speck that was actually a real world filled with real people, boiled in oil, because you see, it did not fit in with her own illusions and anything contrary to those illusions filled her with fear and thus, had to be destroyed.  Thus, we find ourselves.  We have the opportunity to have our voices heard, above the bullhorn of lies, hate and fear, we have the ability to yell, “Yop!” from the tallest roof tops, breaking through previous barriers and recreating this country in the image our founders intended.  Why are we all so afraid to stand up to the system that is not only failing us, but robbing us of our dignity, creativity and collective joy?  Yes, a rose by any other name is not a rose, and I ask you this one question today,,, is not the rose, not the rhetoric, worth saving?     Have a nice Monday.                 Peace M

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