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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 30, 2021

A Pale Trojan Horse!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun risen, mild, cobalt blue skied, marvelous, budding, building, booming island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Thirtieth Day of March, 2021, a beautiful Tuesday early morning, broadcasting LIVE from our ‘global’ headquarters, Bass River, enjoying the sounds of Chickadees, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Red Wing Blackbirds, Ospreys, Peregrine Falcons, Red Tailed Hawks, Morning Doves, Gold Finches, Baltimore Orioles, Seagulls, Terns, Piping Plovers, Greater Black Backs, King Fishers,


I think you get the idea…


If one did not turn on the “TV”, would all the swirling satanic madness still make a sound?

From child trafficking ‘presidents’ in name only, to drag queen story tellers, to Nike ‘Satan’ shoes, to lethal injections disguised as ‘life saving miraculous ‘vaccines’, to lockdowns, to quarantines, to talk of WWIII, to…


The Cabal, evil to it’s nasty core, led by the Devil himself, is just beginning it’s purge of humanity.

Here’s a little prediction that will bear fruit for “Kill” Gates and Co., in the coming months/years, as their depopulation program kicks into high gear.  It’s all because the mRNA pathogen delivery envelopes, Hydrogel laced, nanobot injected, experimental biological procedures, a pale “Trojan Horse” called the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’!

It’s coming?

No dip$hit,

already arrived!

The ‘Four Horseman of the Apocalypse’!

Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Astra-Zenaca have now stood up to ’skeptics’, credit, effective mass censorship, thus, will continue to roll out the Frankenstein Brew unabated.

‘Fringe benefits’ like donuts, smokes, gift cards, you name it, are now available to you and yours to enjoy after you present your certificate of vaccination ID, or c.o.v.i.d., and many a dope are falling for this most sinister plot ever hatched by what is clearly not a human force, devoid of the Divine.

Satan, and his minions, i.e. politicians, bankers, lawyers, anyone, any little man, e.g., New York Governor, Andrew,W.H.O. cares where they died, they died!”, Cuomo, given any ‘power’, plan to eliminate anything that represents God;

…including the family, marriage between a man and a woman, love, beauty, kindness, hugs, kisses, more love, empathy, indeed, the very Divine spark of the Eternal you most certainly still are, most of you anyway.

There is still ‘time’ to turn away from the EVIL that has descended upon Man.

Follow the words and deeds of another simple, “poor” man who walked this Terra over 2000 years ago, and although his short life on this plane may have been turned, like the world, upside down and inside out, the TRUTH,

like a Lion,

does not need defending.

Why do you think they need so much propaganda?

Because people worldwide are WAKING UP to this EVIL INTENT!

These deadly mRNA experimental, biological procedures to turn you not only into a bloody GMO (genetically modified organism, that is tracked, traced, patented and owned by some Satanic corporation), moreover, into a viral/pathogen manufacturing site, indeed, these ‘vaccines’ will and are doing just that!!!

They take over every cell in your body and begin creating several dangerous spike proteins, they will call “mutations”… While this is happening, inside of your body, all sorts of nasty stuff will start to happen to YOU and YOURS!

But, you got that Krispy Kreme donut right?

So what are you complaining about mate?

You think too much!

Lo, they will begin ’shedding’ these horrible strains into the winds, while say, sitting on a cruise ship because they were one of the ‘lucky’ one’s to get the ‘JAB’!

(Holding, Inc.)

Like every major venue worldwide, cruise ships, concerts, air travel, will become viral incubators en masse, infecting millions of unsuspecting victims, leading them all to slaughter.

Conversely, people W.H.O. refused to take this lethal injection from HELL, will be demonized as the reason why this new wave has hit, dubbing the new ’strain’, ‘COVID-21′, to wit, there will be, wait for it, another miracle vaccine, right Melinda (the malevolent one)?

You betcha!

This time, the ‘vaccine’ will become ‘mandatory’, because we can’t have them ‘anti’ vaxxers’ (intelligent, rational, regular folks who don’t want to let some faggot put a cell destroying software program into their blood stream!), infecting those W.H.O. are already gonners now can we?

That just wouldn’t be fair?

“We must kill with no bias, no racial angle, we simply must cull 90 percent of humanity by 2025, in fact, I would prefer to SEA the U.S. population down to around 75 million by that same year baby, now what’s for dinner?”

~Ted Turner


(communist news network)

Have a wonderful day everybody!

Please, for the Love of God, don’t take this evil, twisted, archon alien ‘JAB’;

and watch out for them Zombies!


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