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November 4, 2014

A November choice…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the beautiful, sunny and mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the 4th day of November, 2014, election day here in the United States, as the good citizens of this very wealthy nation decide once again who will lead them into the future, a future with ‘lots of known unknowns’ as it were…

These midterm elections are pivotal in how the average American will fair as opposed to the top ‘earners’ in this country (the top .001 percent v roughly 300 plus million of ‘…the American people’), really what this election is all about.  With a possible plutocratic takeover in the future, as the real natural waves take control of the conversation, along with the rising seas coupled with warming temperatures, hotter and more intense wild fires, mudslides, deepening droughts, much more severe storms, and an ocean that is becoming more acidic by the hour.  Nothing to SEA here folks!  “…and I said I wanted fries with that God dammit!”.

Ah, but those are mere facts laddie and future prognostications about something (global warming) that does not even exist.  This talk of a man made cataclysm is a waste of everybody’s time, am I right? “…what I’m talking about here are jobs, yeah, ‘merican jobs, you betcha!  Oh, and if you don’t want that Ebola in your neighborhood, or wish for a safe militarized ‘no fly zone’ for your community, to keep them pesky journalists from doing their job of reporting the TRUTH (Ferguson, Missouri), or ISIL taking over your local 7/11 well then, a vote for me, Scott Brown, former Senator from a state that didn’t want me no more, Massachusetts, is in order.

“…For I am a microcosm of this whole election cycle. I represent the lolly pop guild, the puppet brigade, ‘men with strings attached’, you get the idea. I work for Koch and ExxonMobil, the real future of this country and knowing y’all don’t like Obama or his policies that favor the many, well then, Scott Brown is your one stop shopping for political pandering and plutocratic plight.  We frown on giving away health care to poor people, poo poo on that my friend.  Why do these poor kids need food?  Can’t they get a job?  No more Mr. Nice Guy, ’cause after we waste millions of your hard earned tax dollars on impeaching this Kenyan socialist, we are going to gut the EPA, the Department of Education, the IRS, and any and all social programs we can get our hands on.  “Furthermore, we are going to ask all of our citizens to wear their underpants on the outside, so we can check…” (credit that last line to Woody Allen’s classic 1971 film, “Bananas”).

The U.S. Senate is at stake, as well as a myriad of important governorships across the nation.  New Hampshire and North Carolina are in play first, must wins for Democrats, and then it’s on to the main event.  Are you ready to rumble!!! Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, Alaska, Georgia and Arkansas are all part of this mix of six, the magic number needed by the Republicans to take control of the Senate, with December and January, a runoff in both Georgia and Arkansas a distinct possibility.  Happy Holidays everybody!

The stark contrast between the two competing philosophies could not be starker, and thus, the stakes could not be higher.  The Republican brand, as Rand Paul (R-KY) stated a few weeks back, “…sucks”, thus, it will take a whole lot more than the dark Koch monies to fool the American people into believing you about much of anything, save that you are not in this game to serve, ‘the American people’ you seem to know nothing about, caring even less…

This is still a democracy with that little letter ‘d‘ and the fact that many gave the ultimate sacrifice for that lower case letter and all that it represents is more important than any amount of money.  Men and women much larger than these modern day Robber Barons in this late year of 2014.  American values do not include destroying our aquifers, our lakes, our streams, our marshes, our estuaries, our brooks, our rivers, our reservoirs, our tributaries, or OUR seven mighty oceans, via large international corporate polluters who have American politicians in their collective back pockets, like so much change…a nickle here and a nickle “their”, while they continue raping and pillaging our heritage–our land, air and water–with their chemicals and other waste as they continue a march of madness chanting the plutocratic oath from the roof tops of the world–”PROFIT over People”.




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