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November 3, 2014

A lesser bird?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, clear and sun drenched island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Monday morning, the eve of the U.S. midterm elections, this third day of November, 2014.  Good morning! and with only one day to go before we all find out who will ‘lead’ this new Senate/Congress, the 114th of this nations’ rather young and violent history, I am sure we are all on the edge of our collective seats, so enjoy the spectacle that is fair and honest elections?  In 21st Century America?

But before you go to the polls, just remember this.  A Corey Gardner of Colorado, a Joni Ernst of Iowa, a Scott Brown of New Hampshire?–are all votes for the plutocratic takeover of this great country that has fought tooth and nail, many dying in wars, just to preserve a democracy.  You can put all the spin on it you want, but that is the bottom line here.

If the plutocrats take over…

Gone will be the birds, the polar bear, the forests, lakes and streams.   Gone will be innocence of youth, where urban settings become more like target practice than a place of common good and common growth.  Gone will be education and the EPA (already largely in bed with big polluters like ExxonMobil & Koch Industries), along with the minimum wage that sets some kind of standard in this here US of A, where we collectively believe that people in such a rich country should not be left on the streets–freezing & starving to death.  Gone will be the light in people’s eyes all over the world when the name “America” is brought up, once a proud beacon of TRUTH, JUSTICE.  You know, ‘the American way’, the Lone Ranger among others promoted and protected…   Now a nation to be feared, moreover, by many in the world, a nation to be hated.

Gone are the fishes in the oceans that are dying of acidification, one pristine coral reef; one magnificent star fish at a time, as we look in marvel for a few seconds on the TV at our accomplishment of creating giant garbage patches (the size of Texas in all seven seas), while once proud fisherman on the Louisiana coast fiddle with a 5 inch glob of oil (thanks bp!–for all the memories and the deadly Corexit ‘dispersant’ combined, on purpose, with the 500 million gallons of nasty crude y’all spilled in that horrible 2010 ‘mix-up’ the Gulf!), the size of Rhode Island sitting at the bottom of that Gulf, killing anything and everything in the area, creating what people known as ’scientists’ call a ‘0 oxygen zone’, or a “dead zone”, where even those basic, fundamental and essential building blocks of the food chain, microorganisms, die.  A trend that will continue going up the food chain until…

Gone is the moral fabric of our nation, where we let the big polluters literally take over Congress (PROFIT over people), thus spelling not only doom for the world’s overall environment, as explained (more about that later in the broadcast sometime this week), by the new IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report on the earth’s rising temperature, but our education system as well, rewriting the history books, as if to say, nothing to see here folks!  A report that received about ten seconds air time on NBC & ABC.  The new corporate news outlets for the masse, shifting gears quickly to spend another hour on Ebola and the space ship crash a few days back…

Ostriches got nothing on Republicans baby! What are your ‘thoughts’ “Morning Joe”?

I know I am not alone in this call from the wilderness, in this ‘message in a bottle’ as the country attempts to fool itself one more time with a Republican brand that wishes to ’shrink government down to the size where they could drown it in a bathtub’ (credit Grover Norquist, tax henchman for the plutocratic overlords), but only when it gets in the Oligarch’s way.  Republicans have no problem getting in women’s uterus’s, or having the Supreme Court act as activist for “The Brothers’ Koch”, not to be confused with the scary fairy tales of “The Brothers Grimm” from the 19th century, where their stories of witches (Hansel and Gretel) luring young children into a ginger bread house, apparently to bake them into a pie or something to that effect, is being played out right here in ‘Gasland’ (an HBO original movie, a must SEA!), I mean the United States of America.

Please vote today folks, remembering that even if the dark money Ads work and these newly elected “puppets for plutocrats” take the country to a new low, don’t give up the fight.  Even the General Secretary of the United Nations, the honorable Ban Ki Moon, stated clearly this past week ‘that if nations are willing to SEA the LIGHT and reduce carbon emissions–”the earth may still have a fighting chance.”

However, if we continue to allow big polluters–big oil, gas and coal–to continue sending up their billions of tons of carbon into said atmosphere with no penalties, making money hand over fist as whole nations fall under water, well then, I suppose that if you believe in Jesus,  Heaven and Saint Peter–as these deep “Christian” Titans claim– how do you square your behavior with welleternal grace?

There are no lesser birds laddie…


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